Oh what a beautiful morning….

I hate mornings.

I can’t begin to describe how hard it is for me to drag myself from the comfort of the warm space I’ve made in the bed. Or how the cat purring gently beside me is lulling me back to Morpheus’s sweet kingdom. I can’t abide those horrible moments when you have to pull yourself out of bed, drag yourself stumbling over the feline demanding its breakfast into the bathroom and ablute, eyes bleary,  fumbling for the toothbrush, and you’re then shocked into alertness as the shower’s water suddenly runs cold.

Those extra five minutes in the duvet cocoon means you’ve lost a good half hour of travel, no breakfast and you’re almost certainly going to be late for work. Again. Your being late means that you know you’re going to be told off, you’re not going to pass that work to Donna in Finance in time, she’s going to be hassled and consequently pass her bad mood onto the husband that evening, who storms off down the pub with the dog, who picks up on his bad mood, and bites the ankle of the landlord etc, etc….

It happens. The effects aren’t generally that visible as the example above, but I do know when I give myself time to do something and prepare beforehand, I’m a lot more relaxed when I reach that point. I’m not completely stressed out about being late, keeping people waiting, making frantic phonecalls etc.

I also know that if I’m very late for a dental appointment as I was on Tuesday morning (we were stuck in awful traffic) then I really should have given myself much more time to be there.  I had the courtesy to phone ahead and let people know. As expected, my 8.30am appointment was cancelled as the hygienist was fully booked for that morning. It meant that I was left, wandering around town, twiddling my thumbs, and killing time until I could meet with a friend in the afternoon. And kicking myself for not having left the house earlier.

Where is all this taking me? Well, to the obviously sore point about raids starting on time. Although not meaning to, Tam’s recent post certainly got people thinking about punctuality. (And I will state here, that I have no worries about that new little guild he’s in, I’m certain they’ll sort out their teething troubles.) But that got me wondering about something too, a different take, if you’d like on punctuality…

You see, I remember a time last summer, when I bounced out of a hotel bed, eagerly and early each morning, looking forward to what the day was going to bring, what new sights I was going to see. I was eager to drink in the feel of the city, as much as I could possibly fit in in my limited time there.  I even managed to overcome my “I don’t mind” mentality and actually demanded that one of the things we do was visit the Pergamon museum. Even though that bed was sooo comfortable with the most exquisitely big, flumpy marshmallow of a pillow, it held no sway over me whatsoever.  There were far too many adventures to be had, strange sights to see, different flavours to taste. A different MMO to try out.

Spot the difference in the two types of morning? One, the regular, ho hum. One the eager, enthusiastic one.  Well, I’m wondering now….

When it comes to raiding, I still feel like I felt during those holiday mornings. Eager to get up and go, to do. To see, to experience. Passionate. Determined. I WANT to see that train, I WANT to down that next boss. So when people are late for raids, through lack of preparation, or because they want do do this or that quickly, a little part of me wonders….just how much DO they want this?

It’s only an idle thought. But it’s a curious one.


One Response to Oh what a beautiful morning….

  1. Salvaenus says:

    Hello there Tree, I thought I would just pop on over now that I have found you place of residence and /wave


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