On why the Nelf is a waging, wampaging, wampent, wabid wabbit…..

So….it’s Noblegarden time. And suddenly this mild mannered, easy going laid-back druid has become a foul-mouthed, cursing evil beast. You can find her in Dolanaar, glaring round furtively in a bush….. her bush. Containing HER eggs. Occasionally growling “That’s MY bush, you fucker…..”  and a variety of other equally non-repeatable expletives. (They don’t listen) And after rushing from bush to box to bush and moonwell and back, I realised  that this madness reminded me of something….


Sales. You may not think of sales even being comparable to the battle scenes with those shiny polished six-packs Spartan warriors. But let me tell you something. Anyone who’s been knee deep in a Sale (and yes, it deserves the capital letter) will tell you otherwise. It’s all elbows, and huge bags filled with breezeblocks, people with determined looks on their faces, and the sort of mentality that you’d see in the faces of the remaining characters in that Zombie movie, as they scrabble over the backs of their screaming best friends to reach the helicopter. Sales are evil. So evil that I doubt even Satan himself would have considered inventing them. There’s elbows, clawing, grabbing of the same items and ripping them apart. It’s horrible. I’m even surprised there hasn’t been a horror movie made. The Sale – she thought it was safe, but she soon learned the terrible truth…..

Well it’s like that in Dolanaar. Except with rabbits. And little twinkly sounds. Which further inflame my irritation.And toons sneaking into the bush that I’m camping. And STEALING MY EGGS..MINE!!!

So…why do I do it?  I guess it’s because tonight I ended up doing a tour of the deserts, places I’d not normally see these days. And the amusement of Rem wearing an elegant dress so I could gain the Blushing Bride achievement. (Damn, I forgot to screenshot that. Rem, will you do it again sometime?)  And for the sheer and unbearably cuteness of my completing the Spring Fling achievement with Colt as he just got his own Spring Rabbit. I’ve not heard him be that squeey for a while – the delight at his “They’ve made baby rabbits!” was worth every last swearword.

Now…back to fighting my way through more eggs, so I can be a Chocoholic…..


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