On sexy voices and why I suspect Rem is a pseudo-Goblin.

I’m sorry, I had to do it. I had to post about a little incident that made me giggle the other evening. And again today when I was walking home from the shops, listening to my MP3 player.

I was reminded of it, as Bono started to launch into the vocals of “If You Wear That Velvet Dress” from the Jools Holland and Friends cd. God, I love that song. It’s soooo hot. And part of that’s due to Bono’s treatment of the lyrics. I’m a sucker for a totally sexy voice and apart from one moment in that song where he sounds like he’s being castrated, he does sexy.

Alan Rickman does it to me too. Pwhoar!

Now, moving forward.  I do not find German accents sexy. Except for perhaps the vocalist of ASP. And there was once this tour guide who definitely did have a very sexy accent. I can honestly attribute my increased knowledge of the Rhine Valley to that accent….

However the voice of our esteemed Raid Leader does not do it for me. Sorry Rem, but that’s just the way it is! It’s probably a good thing too, I can imagine the effect a sexily voiced raid leader would have.

If Alan Rickman led raids:

AR: No, the left, the OTHER left..

Me: Mmmmm…..*drools into headset while healing with a starry, glazed look in her eye*

AR: More DoTs! MORE DoTs! Oh dammit, do I have to tell you what to do everytime?

Me: *melts into puddle and forgets to heal”

Party wipe ensues.

So uh, yes. Rather glad Rem’s voice doesn’t appeal to me. Except…there was one moment, when we were talking about puttting things onto the AH. I think it was my second Exquisite Dress – I’d offered it to him, well, you never know… – and we were talking about saving it to put it up way post Noblegarden time for mightly loot justice.  And at that precise moment he suddenly sounded incredibly sexy. So hot that I told him there and then just how hot he’d sounded without even thinking about it. I mean it was searingly, melt-you-in-the-chair-Alan-Rickman-doesn’t-stand-a-chance hot.

And after having a mighty giggle about it we both suddenly realised that Rem had sounded hot when talking about making money at the AH.  And then we laughed some more. Sometimes I swear that Nelf should be green, not blue.

And I seriously hope he doesn’t repeat that during raids. My performace will be shot….


2 Responses to On sexy voices and why I suspect Rem is a pseudo-Goblin.

  1. Tam says:

    Raid leaders always sound sexy becuase of the authority, the assurance and the calm. I’ve never met a RL whose voice I didn’t fancy 😛

  2. nowiamtree says:

    Ah, but I’ve heard the voice too long. I’m immune to its charms!

    (and I’d never admit it even if I did!)

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