Feeling and healing

I’ve got a confession to make. And I’m pretty certain most Elitist Jerks and hardcore players would mock me for this but here goes.

I play just as much by feeling as by the pretty little waves of numbers and graphs.

I find it highly useful. If for some reason something doesn’t feel right, if my healing’s sluggish, or my mana’s going down when it shouldn’t, I check my gear. If, as I discovered recently after booming a bit, my healing feels like I’m healing through a swimming pool of treacle, then I check out my spec, my gear and my stats, and make the appropriate adjustment. In the case of yesterday that involved spending frost emblems on a non set chest piece which gave me an instant 108 extra haste which got me to my appropriate haste cap.

I needed every little bit of that haste last night when healing in ICC. The investment was worth it. I actually felt the difference.

Yet I don’t seem to see that many people talk about feeling when it comes to playing a class and the effects that class has. Everywhere I turn it seems to be about the figures, the straight number crunching. And I approve of that, I really do. Hey, my degree is a science degree, I’m all for analysis!

But I wonder, surely it can’t be just me who notices something by the ingame feel alone. I mean, I don’t rely on recount or logs to tell me something’s amiss initially, it’s more of an instinctive thing. And I’m certainly not criticising it, I find it an incredibly useful tool.

Thoughts anyone?


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