Smug tree is smug.

I have had one of the most fucking awesome experiences in game tonight. I mean seriously, mindblowingly, ubersquee headfuckingly awesome. I’m sat here at almost 1am, still completely blown away by it.

Ten of us went into ICC normal mode, and yes, we had the buff up BUT  it was the first time we’d done this as this particular team, and at least 4 of us – including our esteemed raid leader – hadn’t done it before past Marrowgar.

We hit Marrowgar. We downed him first time. It was almost too easy. We went on to Lady Deathwhisper. Again, downed first time.  We arsed about with the rocket packs for ages before going onto the Lootship battle. And downed it first time.

And then we met Saurfang. And it was close, but we also downed him first time.

Boosted on by this, we decided to have a little peek at Festergut. And yeah, okay, he twatted us the first time, but the second. We ripped him a new one and handed it to him. On a plate. With a lettuce leaf and slice of tomato.

Everyone of the team was beyond awesome. Each and everyone was phenomenal, did what was needed to be done and more, and we had a heap load of fun as well as an incredibly successful run. It’s a sheer pleasure knowing each and everyone in this guild.

And dammit, tonight, our little achievements in ICC made me cry. It just goes to show you don’t need hardcore to progress.

Smug tree is smug. Proud tree is proud. But most importantly happy tree is happy.


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