Oh, how we wiped!

I am immensely proud of our guild. More so than ever, if it’s possible.

We finally visited ICC in 10 man normal mode.  We one-shotted everything up to Festergut, and got him on the second try. On our second visit on Tuesday we one-shotted Rotface. And we were all amazed, pleased and proud of ourselves. And so we should be. It was the first time we went in there as that team, and for a number of us, including our raid leader, it was the first time we’d been in there.

Quite honestly, the teamwork was damn near perfect.

And then we met Prof. Putricide. And he bested us. Eight times. We have yet to beat him. But the way in which we handled this was damned near perfect too.

There was no griping, no yelling, no raid rage. Each attempt was met with a review of the tactics, slight alterations, more major alterations, gentle teasing of our wonderful off-tank who was probably sick of the sight of oozes, much laughter and a mature atmosphere towards it. And each time we saw considerable improvement.

We all knew when to stop, before we got too tired and started to simply become frustrated. And we all knew that yes, soon he’d be ours.

Somehow, despite an evening of mostly wiping, we all came away feeling good. Feeling like we’d finally met a challenge worthy of our teamwork, and we had a wall to break.

I’m also impressed. Putricide is a great fight. It reminded me of the challenges we had when first battling the Balrog in LotRO. That’s a boss that keeps you on your toes, and relies on timing, and a little luck too. It took us a while to master it. But the thing about those sort of challenges is that when you do master them, it feels far better than if it had been a one-shot. As Rem put it, oddly Putricide is the boss fight we now know the best in ICC.

For my part, I was very lucky and won the Choker of Fithy Diamonds, a rather decent healer necklace. I also saw the fight from both healer and boomkin perspective, and enjoyed it equally. While I adore healing, I also find it useful to see the fight from a different perspective, as I often become pretty tunnel-visioned in healer mode.

And finally I now have a seriously upgraded pair of gloves courtesy of frost emblems, which means I can finally do away with those hideous haste gems, and replace them with some shiny new red yummy spellpower ones instead.  Happy Tree is happy.


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