Yes I’d like one, no I won’t pay.

That Celestial Steed? Blizz certainly knew what they were doing with that one. It is seriously pretty, a sparkly Pegasus affair. A horse that flies.

If it were in game, I’d be grinding for it with everyone else. But it’s not. I’m not in a situation where I could fork out for it and not notice right now. That’s a month’s worth of game play to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitter. I’m actually impressed by Blizzard’s business stratagy. By the design of the mount. The lure of it. At the moment it’s the Big Thing. They’re all over the place. You can’t turn around without seeing one. And just for a moment I feel like the kid with the plastic NHS glasses, and a bad haircut again….watching the in crowd, always from the edge.

But then, even if I did have the money spare, would I purchase one? No, I don’t think so. I’m not a fan of RMT. I can appreciate that RMT can make a good present for someone, indeed one of my friends’ has had one bought for her by her husband, and I can’t fault that at all. It makes her feel happy, it makes him feel happy. All’s well and good. I’m certainly not going to call anyone a retard or a dick for doing it. It’s their money. Nor am I going to even judge people by the fact that they have one. It’s very pretty. I don’t blame them for purchasing it.

But me? I think I’ll stick with the mounts that show I’ve put in some time and effort in game. Or the ones Lady RNG has kindly granted me. Hmm, is it time to sacrifice another paladin yet? My Oracle egg’s about to hatch…..


2 Responses to Yes I’d like one, no I won’t pay.

  1. Rem says:

    The Celestial Steed is the Paris Hilton of WoW mounts – famous for being famous. Right now, it’s probably the most common mount, there’s a dozen of them at any given time in Dalaran.

    Is it pretty? Hell, yes! But so was the robe of the Cargûl in Carn Dûm, whom we always jokingly yelled at to leave it behind when we killed him. Did it become any less pretty due to the fact that it wasn’t yours and never would be? Do you need to own something to admire it? Do you need Nagrand in your vault?

    I am strange in that I’m in the apparently very minor minority (everyone else seems to care a terrible lot, one way or other) of those to whom the Steed has zero value to begin with, simply because there’s zero context attached to its acquisition. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying an in-game reward has to be earned with sweat, blood and hard labour (ahem .. game). It can just as well be a bear popping out as reward for a quest we just randomly did in passing. It’s a story you can tell. It has something to do with anything. It will remind you of the time when we first got our raids rolling and found ourselves short on herbs. That’s context. What would the Celestial Steed remind you of? What story would you tell? That of waiting 7 hours in a queue to reach the checkout counter for the sake of a digital purchase of a virtual item, because, as Ixobelle put it, “as we all know, ones and zeros can only be replicated on computers so many times before they degrade”? What sort of context is that?

    I can still remember the exact moment (not the date, mind you, so don’t ask!) when I decided I want a Netherwing Drake, and it wasn’t “seeing someone else on it”. I remember where we went, what we did and what followed. I even remember your mood on that day. What would you remember about the acquisition of a Celestial Steed? Because if you just like looking at it, get a screenshot or artwork and set it as your desktop wallpaper. It has no in-game meaning because it does not originate in the game. And I don’t want (or need) a meaningless item.

    By the way, I’m only getting worked up over the fact that people are getting worked up over it. Seriously, it’s like Paris Hilton. A minor irrelevance that matters because people talk all the time about how much it matters. It boggles my mind that the community at large can get so obsessed with it.

  2. nowiamtree says:

    Oh, I can appreciate your point of view. I remember us both purchasing our Darnassian Nightsabers after so much jousting, and how pleased we were with them. I’m looking forward to the day if ever one of those bloody eggs hatches into a lovely green mount….

    And yes, I’d LOVE Nagrand in my vault…just think of all the extra space for items….. And you’d bet there’d be a story attached to it! Actually…..come to think of it….

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