On the subject of responsibilities

I am absolutely tamping about something I read today. In one of the WoW communities I follow, someone’s posted to say that while they were in game, they watched their GM being hacked, being stripped and then disbanding the guild.

This I find unfortunate for the guild members, and I feel sorry for them.

The GM however, I have no sympathy for whatsoever. For the simple reason that they told the officers that they all needed authenticators to access the bank. But the GM themselves DID NOT HAVE ONE.

I don’t know which I abhor the most. The fact that the GM was being irresponsible towards the guild for not having one in the first place. Or the blatent hypocrasy of their “Do as I say, not as I do” attitude. To be honest I think it’s the latter, because to me that denotes a considerable lack of respect towards their guildmembers.  Okay, if they’d said “I cannot purchase one because I’m outside the shipping area” then maybe I could be happier with that, but to insist that everyone else does? Oh no.

I remember working in a shop many years ago. That shop went through a ridiculous number of staff, including managers. Over a series of about 6 years, there were at least nine different ones. I only really remember the one. I can still see him vividly in my mind’s eye. He was the one who asked with a “please” rather than ordering, and always remembered to thank us. Most importantly he was the one who I caught mopping out the gents’ toilets because all the other staff were busy. In that moment he earned a considerable deal of respect from me. Here was someone who was prepared to do what needed to be done, and wasn’t too proud to do the same as everyone else. In my eyes, that made him a real manager.

That GM could have taken a lesson from him.

Tam talks about “curtains for the common room” in a recent post. A post that, after reading one of the comments, made me realise exactly how strongly I feel that the GM should take responsibility for what’s going on in their guild. Anyone can persuade enough people to sign a guild charter. That’s the easy part.

The important things come after that. Yes, we’d like to think that most adults are …adult. But we all know they’re not. People offend, people are offended. Some things are taken out of context, or in the wrong way. There are clash of personalities. Of truths. Oh and dilemmas. That person applying to your guild may well be a 14 year old. Do you accept him? Do you want to keep your guild mature, with rude jokes etc? You might think it’s fine exposing that kid to your level of lewdness, hell, they may likely be able to outdo you. But what about that parent of kids about the same age who feels decidedly uncomfortable about this? Do you accept the kid, because you want the numbers? What happens if  the atmosphere in guild chat becomes strained?

This is the sort of dilemma that WILL crop up. And if you think there’s nothing more to being a name or looking big because you’re GM of a guild, then you can think again. Since actively recruiting members our guild has seen two drop out, two kicked out, one member hacked and the guild bank stripped, lots of emails flying backwards and forwards between the magnificent set of officers who care deeply about what we have. We’ ve been properly active as a guild for what…two months? If I was in it purely for the prestige, or we compromised on anything, I suspect we’d have wobbled, the foundation, our ideals, would have crumbled by now. Or there’d have been a mutiny, and guild members would have left…!

But we haven’t. And it’s exactly because of the effort, the dedication and the thought that everyone is putting into this guild. Because we’re aware of problems as they’re arising and deal with them then.

Yes. I rely on my officers, I rely on them to be the voices of reason, logic and empathy. I rely on them to tell me if I’m being too soft or too harsh. I listen to their ideas, take them on board and we implement them together. And each and every one of them knows that  they can come to me if there are any potential issues.

This GM is servant to her guild. She will mop out the guild’s metaphorical toilets with the rest of them.  And knowing us lot, we’ll probably all have bloody good fun doing it too….


3 Responses to On the subject of responsibilities

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  2. Dyre42 says:

    We had our previous GMs account hacked and the guild disbanded. It really sucked. I being an officer created a similarly named guild and gather most everyone up. Till Blizz could restore our old guild (6 tab vaults are pricey after all) A week later the old GM server transferred once Blizz restored the old guild leaving me as GM of the new guild. (I have sneaking suspicion he may have given up on the guild, got drunk, and deleted it.)

    I had previously passed on being GM because I knew from other games what being in charge entailed and you’re right you are a servant/mother/drill instructor (Now grab that flask and give me 9000 dps Mister!) to the guild. But building something worthwhile isn’t supposed to be easy and its fun in its own way.

    • nowiamtree says:

      Ow – that’s harsh – especially if he ninja left you all. And kudos to you for taking charge of the situation and putting things back together in the way you did. This Tree approves wholeheartedly!

      There is something to be said for the hard work paying off, and seeing people happy. It makes it all worthwhile.

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