Did the earth move for you, honey?

Last night. Oh god. Last night.

Couldn’t have been any better if Mr Depp had headed my way covered in nothing but quality chocolate begging me to take him there and then.

Yes. It was THAT satisfying.

In all seriousness, though, a good raid reminds me of two things. Sex and music. Sex because when it’s done properly, it’s oh so damned satisfying, tiring and there’s that wonderful ahhhhh bliss moment afterwards. Not to mention that feeling of bonding. (One night stands are best left for pugging.) Plus it calls for full and thoughtful participation from all parties involved (and sometimes a safety word…).

Just for the record, to be perfectly clear about this, I stated that it REMINDS me. Doesn’t mean I get off on it….

So….why music? Well, quite simply, there are all these different aspects to a raiding team. Notes if you will. Put them together any old how and there’ll be an unbelieveable cacophany. But with some thought, some care and attention, it can sound good.

Take this further. We essentially have seven notes to play around with in music. Okay, let’s take a leap of the imagination, and liken these to classes, although I know there’s more than 7 classes. (I canz kount!) And then sharps and flats. (I’d think of these as specs). And then octaves (I’ve not worked out what these can compare to yet, me fail). Plus there are other factors, like time signatures and heavens only knows what else (these can be compared to all those other factors, like alertness, Lady RNG and emergency “need to sort the coffee spill out” moments after wiping when the boss is on 0% health….)

So you go in, and you start raiding together, and if you’re lucky, it’s halfway decent, maybe a little pop number from a plastic put together band. If you’re unlucky it’s something along the lines of Eddie Izzard playing “The Cat Is Being Trodden On” on clarinet from My Very First Book of You-Think-These-Are-Tunes-Fo0l?

If you’re really lucky, and the orchestra has been practicing a while…oh boy! Mindblowing!

Last night we visited ICC again. And we downed Festergut and Rotface, sans buff. Pretty efficiently too, considering it was the first time hitting them without the comfort blanket. And we chipped away at old Prof Putricide too. Although we didn’t get him down, our last attempt was fantastic, improving no end on our previous ones, and I have no doubt that he’s a-going down soon enough.

But the thing that made it for me, for all of us, is that when we work well together, we work REALLY well. Oiled machine. The teamwork is flawless, and beautiful to behold.

So yes. Last night the earth really did move for me.Β  And it moved gloriously to one of the most exquisite soundtracks.

I really do love my guild.


4 Responses to Did the earth move for you, honey?

  1. Tam says:

    Bonding or bondage? I lost the plot somewhere in there… πŸ˜‰

    Also the music comparison reminds me very much of this post from Tessy: http://www.reflectionsfromthepond.com/2010/04/23/the-art-of-conducting/

    It’s an excellent analogy.


    • nowiamtree says:

      I suspect it was a combination of the two. Probably with some gnomish sex toys thrown in for good measure.

      That is a fantastic post by Tessy, absolutely spot on.

      And yes. WE ROCKED BIGTIME!

  2. Salvaenus@DmF.EU says:

    It’s just one of those once in a lifetime things Baby.
    The stars align and like minded folk band together
    to down the big bad ugly.

    whilst being totally social and loving one another
    whilst being totally competent at their chosen classes
    whilst being totally helpful with hints and fish and strategy tweaks

    trust me there is a song in there somewhere.

  3. ladyhelen says:

    You really do have the most awesome way with words πŸ™‚

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