..with your orphan out.

Rem, our big and mean and scary tank, succumbed today to the charms of an ickle bitty Draenei orphan today.  We’d been meaning to grab a couple of them and do the rounds, and were scheduling it for tomorrow, but our raid fell through tonight, due to only having the one tank. Rem. Our big and mean and piggy shouldered one.

So we decided to head over to Shattrath, and see where we were headed. Except we couldn’t. Because as soon as he got his, Rem suddenly melted into gooey squishey soft stuff, contained in a metal shell. How he didn’t dribble out through the joins in it, I do not know. He practically squeed. (I’ve got to admit, I can’t help squeeing over the Draenei orphans, they are unbelieveably cute, with their cute little tails, their cute little horns, their cute little hooves, and their cute little expressions. I mean, how much cuteness IS it possible to fit in each of their pixels?!)

So we dutifully took them both out, and did the rounds. And we took pictures.

First off, we took the scenic route, and introduced them to an old favourite friend. He fell at their feet. Must have been even more overawed by the cute than Rem…

The Orphans meet Mr Fel.

And then after a little incident, which Rem affectionately refers to as the “learn to know your limits” lesson to our pair of cuties, we reached the Portal.

This wasn't like any episode of Stargate that the Orphans had seen before.

After enough standing around, we decided to show them one of our favourite views in Nagrand.  Well, it was on the way to where we were going next….

They weren't too impressed with this.

They weren't too impressed with this.

So we headed onwards, caught up with their brother (who wasn’t as cute), took them to see a dragon and bought them cuddly toys. And then we decided to go to the beach.

In which Rem gets sand in his platemail.

By now it was all getting a bit much for them – and us. We’d oversqueed ourselves and decided to take a relatively early night following all the fun and games. We briefly considered handing them back over to the Matron, before deciding bugger it, we wanted cute overload for another day. So we took them back to Darnassus….

Time for a bath before bed.

And then they had a bedtime story.

Boring the Orphans to sleep

It was wonderful evening, revisiting old haunts, not rushing around, but enjoying the scenery and these cute little NPCs. And did I mention OMG Teh CUTE?!

I swear, if Blizzard wants to make a killing, all they need do is set this one  up as the next RMT pet…..


4 Responses to ..with your orphan out.

  1. Tam says:

    I’m not sure but I think being able to pay in cash for small children sends a bad moral message 😉

  2. Rem says:

    Oh, it’s been a fantastic evening. Thanks for documenting it in word and image!

    As for “buying” one .. I’ll be the spoilsport again and say it wouldn’t be the same. It just wouldn’t. And that’s not just down to the RMT side. You see, while we generally all go “awww, why can’t I keep her?” – would we really want to? Her charm is not just in her looks and animations. It’s in the things she says, the little jokes she makes, the way she motivates her quests and reacts to them, the way she interacts with the world.

    To “summon” and “dismiss” her as a “pet” would be disgraceful. She’s not a pet, she’s a human (draenei) being. In fact, she motivates you in the best of ways, she doesn’t make you want to “own” her, she makes you want to “take care” of her, to protect and supervise her (teach her how to tank, maybe? May I? Please?). So, would there be worth in the permanent ability to call her to your side, always the same, static, unchanging, bent to your will? I don’t think so. That’s not adoption, that’s not friendship.

    And while I’m not really keen to play World of Childcare, I know what would be awesome – the opportunity to actually act as her adventuring friend. To have the frequent (i.e. more often than once a year) possibility to meet her, to take her on (different, changing, sometimes repeating – it’s not like one never wants to go to the same place anymore) trips around the world, ideally be involved in a long-running and time-gated quest chain that sees her development, her move to Exodar, her learning of shamanistic ways as well as stories untold and only hinted at. She could drop you a letter once in a while, saying something along the lines of having school holidays soon and being eager to meet you. Gameplay instead of acquisition. Emotion instead of ownership.

    Because otherwise, we go back to the same question once again: does one need to possess something to admire it? And my answer this time is: sometimes, it’s even better not to.

    • nowiamtree says:

      Oh, it desperately needed to be documented!

      Regarding RMT, yes, I do see your point. Last night it was about the interaction, and yes, I think it would pale if we could whip out our orphans as and when, much like Salv whips out his Willy….

      While your idea I like. In fact, dammit, you made me squee and sincerely wish that could be done. As you say, it’s the connection that makes it.

      *grins* I’ll admit that she got to me pretty much as that Plaguelands quest chain got to me. A one time, beautiful, emotional series of quests that make you feel.

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