A funny thing happened on the way to the Barrens.

So, following my post about Mr Irritating Mage, something almost the opposite happened yesterday, which puzzled me, because I’m genuinely not used to that sort of behaviour….

Sunday daytime, if I’m not off doing something wildly exciting (!), is what I see as my SAN time.  I can kick off my GM stabbity high heels (and high heals) and simply relax with the charming Twangerine. It’s a slow process, she’s only level 18 as I type, but she’s eager to adventure, as is Gordan, her ever present scorpion.

Our little orange haired adventuress found herself in the Barrens, looking for Silithid eggs, a slightly tough quest for one of her standing, but she was determined, and so was Gordon, who was clattering excitedly at the prospect of extreme violence.  He’s a sort of Rem substitute in that respect. He tanks well too. Thinking about it, I may have to change his name….

She’d stopped at a village, and was asked by a blue haired troll rogue if she needed help. She said no. Then he asked her again. Again she said no. He was persistant. She left the village and started on her way. And he followed her, stepping in now and again to help.  I felt a bit irked by this, and wondered what the heck he wanted.

He got A++ for persistance. And patience. He waited around there, when I’d died, stepped in, not too closely, and continued to pop some damage at the seemingly never ending stream of gribblies.  I tried asking him if he needed this too. And his answer was no. “I help you. Not need help.”

At this point it freaked me out a little. I wasn’t used to this. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Sort of stalked, but also sort of looked after. And I was really fighting hard not to simply  log out because I didn’t know what he wanted from me.  And that was what unnerved me the most.

I blame this on someone I once knew in LotRO, who judged everyone else by their own standards, and thought that role-play, and having a friendship with someone of the opposite sex was inevitably driven by that person wanting to ERP.  This was also the same guy who kept joking about how they were going to “steal me away” from my husband, and once told me that I only spent more time with Rem than I did with them, because I wasn’t as close to Rem as I was to them. Creepy, much? It left scars. And I don’t think he ever actually got that I spent more time with Rem than him because Rem wasn’t a demanding, self-righteous little prick with attitude who regularly made me feel uncomfortable….

Anyway, here I was, with this stalky guardian angel type keeping an eye on me, and my not knowing how to handle it. I eventually gave in, and accepted a party invitation, and we worked together on the quest, and started to exchange a few words with each other. I’m not sure if he was role-playing well, or his English wasn’t very good, but I fell in with his style, and we ended up returning to the village afterwards, and grabbing some food at the Inn there. I still felt a little on edge, but I decided to friend him anyway before logging out.

Thing is, I still don’t know how to handle it. On one side, they were kind and helpful. On the other, most other people I actually know would have taken the hint and let me get on with things by myself.

*is confused*


3 Responses to A funny thing happened on the way to the Barrens.

  1. Issy says:

    This would freak me out anywhere but on AD if I am perfectly honest. It seems that there _are_ people there who really just want to hang around and help others, for no other reason than they feel like it or have a geniune desire to help – even if it does give them a buzz.

    Saying that, there is a DK who insisted on helping me out when I first played on AD back in December, and every few weeks he sends me a tell saying *why are you on my friends list?*. And I tell him he helped me. And then he says *Do you RP?* (yeah that makes me shudder). And I say *you asked me that last time* which shuts him up for a few weeks 😛

    So, I think unless there was a follow up, it was genuinely someone trying to do you a good turn, probably to make themselves feel good, no matter how little you actually needed the help 🙂

  2. nowiamtree says:

    I think it was only because I was on AD, and my husband was sat behind me fully aware of things, that I wasn’t as bothered by it as I could have been.

    Even though I’ve only played a little there, AD has such a different feel to any other server I’ve been on. And I’m currently based on an RP one as it is. The economy’s different, the feel is different. It’s a whole different game again. And I love that.

  3. Issy says:

    Yes, I have tried a couple of RP servers since, and neither of them gave me the good vibe that AD does 😦

    My husband thinks me acting like a magnet for 13 year old boys and the generally hopeless is hilarious. Honestly, I collect them 😛

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