So let’s me and you get a new tattoo….

We can hop on a Harley and cruise….

Liked Jaedia’s last postInfluenced by  this one. And wondered what I had in my screenshots.

Oh yes.

WTB leather jacket

And it immediately reminded me of Concrete Blonde’s “Still in Hollywood”.

Yeah. Rawr….Biker trees for teh win.

(And yes, this post was also  influenced by Tam and his Glorious Rug.)


5 Responses to So let’s me and you get a new tattoo….

  1. Issy says:

    Hahaha that is ridiculously silly 🙂 I chuckled. (It might be the wine though, so I will look again in the morning 🙂 )

    • nowiamtree says:

      Glad you liked! I recall there being much giggling about it at the time, with and without wine.

      But wine is a Good Thing. I had a couple of post raid glasses last night and I think I raised one of them in your direction!

  2. Issy says:

    Yep, still funny 😀 and why thankee – I shall raise my cocktail back this evening 😀

  3. Scraddog says:

    Tree in bike is funny,

    there is a screenshot somewhere of a gorilla in a bubble riding shotgun but i’m not sure who actually has that one out of those of us there at the time.

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