Confessions of a space goat.

So…um….I did it. I rolled up a  little Draenei priest. And yes, she had handprints on her breasts….It’s the start up robes for them, I had no option. Truth.

To be honest this was a joint project, Rem thought that it might be pleasant to roll up some new characters and level them up together, taking our time, and enjoying the journey.  And I, knowing his general feeling about alts, was not going to dissuade him. Plus it sounded like fun, and we work incredibly well together, so it made sense. In the spirit of this, we only sent them heirloom weapons and trinkets, and nothing that would speed up the levelling process.

We let them out of their little boxes the other night, and all sorts of fun and games accidentally ensued. Somehow we managed to play for 3 hours, go to Stormwind, Ironforge and back, and STILL remain at Level 1. It sort of goes like this….

Rem’s heirloom weapon is a two handed axe. He’s going for retri pally. Except that he didn’t have the weapon mastery for axe. So our little goats ended up sailing to Stormwind, and Ironforge to sort out training. And we were then going to sail back and start playing properly….

Trouble is, one of my bugbears is how characters actually get together. Always had it, in tabletop roleplaying. You don’t just have a whole group of people together to do something. There ought to be background somewhere.  That background gives a little edge to play off, a little character depth. And I find that important.

So we decided that rather than simply go to Ironforge, get Rem’s space goat his training and his axe, we could make a  background story of it. A silly one, but one that provided us with much entertainment. After all, there was something pretty miserable about going to Ironforge, getting an axe and then “starting to play” the characters back at the Exodar. Instead we opted for the following….

The Remadin wakes up after having bashed his head in the crash, and thinks he’s a dwarf. (I didn’t say it was a sensible backstory, did I?) My little priest is sent to go with him and look after him, as she’s been around the wails of the wounded too long, and they’ve decided she needs some fresh air and a change. And god, does he need looking after.

We end up in Ironforge (where we get his axe), he’s determined he’s a dwarf, and I’m doing my valient utmost to persuade him otherwise – and it’s getting close to me thwacking him around the head with my mace -when he takes me up to a balcony to prove something about his being a dwarf, and promptly falls off it.

Cue the “What am I doing here?” line, and we head back to the Exodar. It was all too deliciously cheesy, delightfully funny and it worked well enough to amuse us for three hours….

And that’s what things should be about.

We’ve since hit level 20, and are still having fun – in fact I’m really excited at all the shiny new skills and spells I have now, and can’t wait to try them out.  I’m also glad that my suspicions were confirmed about the class, and that yes, had I been in the position where I could have rolled one up right at the beginning of my WoW life, I’d have almost certainly have enjoyed playing a priest just as much as druid.

Which is why these days, when I’m asked by people what class I want them to play, I always insist that they play the class they really want to play.


4 Responses to Confessions of a space goat.

  1. Issy says:

    Haha sounds like a lot of fun 🙂

    When (new) people ask me what class they should play I always tell them to try everything 😀

    (altoholic and proud) 😛

  2. nowiamtree says:

    It is – I’m always delighted to log in as my goat priest.

    I love trying out the different classes, sometimes it clicks, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s always worth trying it out though.

    Problem I had at the beginning (different server, different people) was a handful of people setting things up, so each had their role. And we already had a priest who was very protective of their territory. It was that wonderful “oh, we need one of these, but not one of those” set-ups, which I’ve since learned to loathe.

  3. Rem says:

    Baaaah .. baaah .. baah-baah

  4. Issy says:

    Yes, I too have found that trying to do things like that never works..
    The *ok, so you’re rolling a healer, and you’re rolling a tank, so I guess I’ll roll a dps* always ends up with the tank preferring to dps, and the healer giving the game up or something 🙂 So now I always go with whatever I feel like at the time. That is one of the reasons I like the flexibility of hybrids and dual spec though I guess – I like to be able to fit whereever I’m needed 🙂

    I am terrible for making my mind up and sticking with something though 🙂 The closest I have come is my retridin in WoW. I have gone back to Lotro for the free week, and started on a different server to my previous characters, and now have 5 level 10s all of which have been rerolled twice.. I need more character slots 😛

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