No. We’re definitely not looking for warm bodies.

So this week has seen some departures from our little family. Some, sadly because things weren’t quite right, others because they had friends on another server from an old guild. It happens. People come and go in peaks and troughs. And I’m sad to see them go.

But, just as people go, new people come in.  A few of us have been keeping our eyes open for like minded recruits. People who want the same as we do, people on the same wavelength. And in the space of 48 hours it seems we’ve found 4 already. We ended up raiding with two of them last night, and it was beautiful. They were smooth to work with, needed no asking to do things, and it was hard to believe that they hadn’t been through any of these fights before. In fact we had only one wipe and that was because one of the healers *looks suitably abashed* had a lapse of focus.

(It’s that OMGWTF pooandslimeeverywherearrrghgh moment, closely followed by the “Ohgodsorryguys” moment.)

I think perhaps the most rewarding moment of the evening was one of the recruits saying “I’ve not raided for a year – this is like Xmas!” –  poor guy, I’d only sent him a whisper that afternoon, and less than 5 hours later he was in ICC! And one of the other moments was his “Is this THE ICC?” comment.  To be fair it was a devilishly smooth run and I wouldn’t have thought that it was THE ICC if I was suddenly plunged into the deep end of raiding.

So no, while we’re not recruiting, we are keeping a look out for those who will fit right into a mad, wonderful group of people who work closely together, have no need for gearscore, achievements, who use common sense methods of loot distribution, who have a tendancy to shy horribly away from l33tspeak, and who are passionate about raiding. We don’t want numbers. We don’t want huntardfaces. We don’t insist on attending 500% of raids. We don’t force people to do anything they don’t want to do. We’re People B. We would rather not raid at all, if it was with people we didn’t like.

And thus I post our Not Recruiting Details below:

What We Are Not Looking For:
A gearscore.

What We Can’t Offer:
Compromise, progression above people, a journey in which only the end has value.

What We Might Be Looking For:

What We Can Offer:
Okay, what we offer is a little out of the common way. In simple terms, we’re a close-knit 10-man raiding guild, passionate about WoW and about raiding.

You’ve probably noticed I haven’t mentioned progression but that’s because raiding is our focus, not progression. We do visit ICC on a fairly regularly basis – with and without the buff – but we’re not interested in farming the same content until we die of boredom. We go where the challenges are, and we keep ourselves fresh and inspired and – above all – enthusiastic through diversity. Well, admittedly we don’t do Room of the Crusader much but that’s only because nobody likes it.

The point is, although what we raid is important, for us how, and with whom, is more important. We believe in respect, communication and teamwork. We don’t bitch and moan when we wipe, we don’t blame each other and there’s definitely no screaming, yelling and drama-llama-ing. Our members run full the gamut from burned out old timers to fledging raiders.

And what we can offer above all is this: a friendly, lively atmosphere, a guaranteed lack of idiots, a relatively mature approach to the game (err…most of the time) and a strong, dedicated raiding team.

The Practical Stuff

We raid all tiers of content, our main raiding nights are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, from 20:30 to 00:30 (server). We’re interested in individuals so all classes and specs are welcome.

You can find us on Darkmoon Faire, Alliance-side (whisper Remaglar, Alquiel, Coltoon, Wreen or Cyneric) or you can visit our guild forum at

Oh and we like cake. A lot.


3 Responses to No. We’re definitely not looking for warm bodies.

  1. ladyhelen says:

    Hiya 🙂 C (my husband) might be looking to jump guild/server in the not too distant. I read your recruitment stuff to him and he asked me to give you his armory link:

    He’s “wyrdrune” over at LJ, he says if you’re interested you can find him over there, he’s got a few public entries you could leave a comment on to get hold of him.

    I’m working with lower level characters at the moment, not really in a headspace to start raiding, hence why it’s just him not both of us. 😉 x

    • nowiamtree says:

      Will definitely pop and say hello. Incidentally, you don’t have to feel you need to raid to join us, we’re quite happy with social members too!

  2. Issy says:

    Glad the recruiting is going successfully – it’s always nice to be able to find more people who fit 🙂

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