For levels 18s and over only….

This was going on tonight. In the middle of Dalaran. Where EVERYONE could see it. Someone’s Big Blue getting jiggy with a spirit bear in plain sight….

That's why they call him Big Blue.....

In this case, a picture doesn’t tell a thousand words. It can’t convey the slow grinding movements going on with the occasional throwing of blue arms in the air, and a plaintive growl from the ursine party. Or the fits of immature laughter from everyone in vent as we gazed at this sight, eyes on stalks.

At least we now know what Voidwalkers like on a Friday night….

Eventually we managed to prise ourselves from the sight. And we got down and dirty ourselves with a number of heroic achievements. So much so that I’ve now replaced Jamie, my albino beast with this fine fella.

Not as hot as Tam's Lurve Rug....

Not as hot as Tam's Lurve Rug....

Rem is the proud owner of Thingie Thingy, Wotsit’s counterpart. Both fine beasts and I look forward to much pleasant mounting in the near future showing off my proto drake at the next possible opportunity.

Now, where did I put that personalised numberplate…?


5 Responses to For levels 18s and over only….

  1. Issy says:

    OMG! My eyes… my beautiful eyes!! 😀

    And gratz on the protodrake.. they are my mount of choice 🙂

    • nowiamtree says:

      *passes Issy the new extra large bottle of mind bleach* And you got the non-action version!!

      Thanks, I’m absolutely delighted by the protodrake, I think it’ll be my mount of choice too!

  2. Rem says:

    I’d really like to say “I love my Thingy” (that’s how his name is spelled, yes-yes!), but that would, probably, inspire very non-innocent thoughts on behalf of .. erm .. people. Yes, people. Those crazy lovely people. I’m waffling, am I. Sorry. Just happy at the moment 🙂

    • nowiamtree says:

      Well, if you don’t, I will! I love your Thingy too! And don’t worry too much about non-innocent thoughts….I don’t think any of us have THAT sort!

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