Authenticity is a Good Thing.

We’ve had quite a week so far in the Forest, and it’s only Tuesday….

Monday I went through my mails, checked our forum.  One of our members had been hacked and he was letting us know in the hope that we could prevent any guild bank theft.  I shot into game straightaway, to find Rem having just logged in nanoseconds before me.  He’d already managed to demote the guy’s characters to recruit, and we both had a look at what had gone from our bank. We’d limited what members could take, but the hacker had still managed to grab the most expensive consumables that were in there along with a paltry 200 gold.

And then we heard that another of our members, who’d only joined the day before, had also been hacked.  We vented up, chatted with them for a bit, and not too much later, they were reinstated.  Everyone involved is now purchasing authenticators.

I purposefully set up a thread about account security on our forums. I’m very aware that while some of our members may be veterans of the game, there are some new to it,  or haven’t considered they could be hacked. For me this was as vital information to the guild as our loot rules. If not more so.

For me the issue of an account being hacked is an inconvenience. I have to tighten up guild bank access. (Methinks a “show us your Corehound, little spacegoat” protocol might be in order in the near future, at least all of us officer types have them.) I have to petition a GM, I have to put things back into the vault once they’ve been restored. I make a point of telling the GM in question that yes, we have a security thread on our forums, and we encourage people to sort out authenticators.

For the person in question, whose account has been hacked, and those close to them, it can be rather more than an inconvenience. Our guild members’ hackings came hot on the heels of  Anea’s post about Lus’ hacking. It’s an impassioned piece and a pretty damned eye opening account of things, and I would encourage anyone who’s not got an authenticator to read it. AND THEN GO OUT AND GET ONE THEMSELVES!!!


4 Responses to Authenticity is a Good Thing.

  1. Issy says:

    Couldn’t agree more..
    Anyone thinking *it won’t happen to me* who doesnt have an authenticator, is just plain wrong.
    I had the misfortune to be hacked quite a while back, and it is a horrible skin-crawling experience, and I felt as sick as if someone had been through my stuff in real life.
    Blizzard were actually brilliant in the way they handled it. And I like to think that some good came out of it, because practically my whole guild got authenticators after it happened.

    • nowiamtree says:

      *hugs* Urgh. Poor you. And yes, I can quite understand that it’s an invasion of your own personal space. You invest a lot of time and love, and suddenly someone’s there rifling through your ingame underwear drawer. *shudders* It’s why I just don’t want it happening to people. It’s horrible.

      Blizzard are good at handling it (I suspect they’ve had some practice by now!) and yes, I’ve seen the same, one member gets hacked and a few more people get authenticators.

  2. Tam says:


    I’ve been lucky so far but I don’t depend on it.

    • nowiamtree says:

      I don’t depend on mine – there’s always a little eeek and intake of breath if I get a wrong details message, followed by a relieved sigh as I sign in a second time and it accepts me!

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