A late night ramble

I love The Watchmen. I don’t mean the  film, although I found it a damned decent interpretation of  Alan Moore’s graphic novel. But the novel itself contains so many twists and turns, nobody’s really got it right. In that respect, it’s pretty reflective on the patterns of life.

And I was looking through appropriate quotes for Jon/Dr Manhattan  for a somewhat different post to the one I’d intended, when I came across this one.

We gaze continually at the world and it grows dull in our perceptions. Yet seen from the another’s vantage point, as if new, it may still take our breath away.

And it made me want to cry. You see it encapsulates all the elements that I’ve been reading and feeling recently in the WoW world. I’ve witnessed people come over from the Horde to Alliance, I’ve dabbled my toes in the waters of Horde. Listened to people as they’ve run the Halls of Reflection for the first time, as they’ve boarded the Yogg Locomotive in Ulduar. I’m trying my hand at a tanking specced DK. And these moments inject a brightness into things I’ve seen before. And it takes my breath away.

So why the near tears?

Because I read Larisa’s blog, how her GM is leaving the game. Other bloggers are suffering from the malaise, that jaded feeling that’s haunting so many. And I wonder if that quote could apply to them. If they could see from another’s vantage point? It feels like so many people have been staring at the same page for so long that the words look as if they’re in a different language. And I wish I could inject them all with that enthusiasm once more, that love and wonder that I still have ingrained deeply within me for this game.

Ah…I didn’t mean to be maudlin. I meant to post something cheerful and silly instead. And totally Watchmen related. So here it is.

Rem rolled up a DK, and we met up in Hellfire Peninsula. At which point I couldn’t help laughing.

They were like twins separated at birth...

Now, if we can just persuade him to strip completely and sit somewhere for the classic Dr Manhattan pose, that would be one for the Azeroth galleries……


4 Responses to A late night ramble

  1. Rem says:

    I’m a demonic Death Knight, damnit! Twisted by fel necromantic powers to look all demonic and evil and scary and stuff.

    Now, can I please have my clothes back? Please? *looks docile*

  2. Issy says:

    Scary… a nekkid Rem calendar might be a money spinner for all those half-demon, half-vampire, half-squid people out there though…

    Totally with you on the vantage point thing.. it gave me a new game after 5 years of playing 🙂

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