Wanting to sell…!

In anotherwise pants week real-world wise (our car is now dead and non rezzable) I have at least discovered a strength.

We spot people that sound like they’ll fit, like our little home is exactly what they’re looking for and I answer them. I read what they’ve written, and I answer them accordingly. And I somehow have a “magic touch”….

I am NOT a salesperson. I HATE selling things. When I answer someone who’s looking for something like us, I tell them the truth. I stress our easygoing points. I try to relate to what they’ve said in their original post, and refer to some of those things.

I do this because I dislike seeing reams of copied and pasted info following those looking for guild posts. Sometimes it seems that the people replying haven’t even read what the original poster has written. And I feel insulted for them when that happens. And simply sticking a “Hi “name”” in front of nothing but a copy/paste post does not cut it.

I suppose in days gone by, I would have been a salesperson, with that sort of touch, conviction of belief in what I was offering. But nowadays, sales means cold calling, trying to force things on people who do not want them, and that’s not me.

For now, I’ll settle for my magic touch in telling folk about my wonderful WoW home.


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