When you need to learn to walk before you run…

I am trying to get my head around the mysterious beast that is raid leading. Right now it feels like it’s chewing all  my limbs off and I’m simultaneously bleeding to death and melting in a puddle of its acid goo.

Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration.  What it actually reminds me of is learning to  drive. There’s so many different aspects to look out for – and OMG, you have to WATCH THE ROAD AT THE SAME TIME!!!

So far I’ve managed to get my head around finding the ignition – discussion of where to go, and being able to sort out a line up with no real difficulty has been good. I’m even feeling a little pleased with myself after seeing a couple of potential problems, and making alternative suggestions  – although they weren’t used at the time – which leads me to think I’ve got a fairly good idea of how people are likely to perform and what potential issues there’ll be in a raid. My natural instinct there is good.

RBS is a doddle. I have no problems with using that.

I’ve even realised the need for short commands, it’s not good my waffling “Ummm, blue stuff’s on the floor, could you move out of it and take that big bad with you, Rem?”  Not when “Rem, move!” will do.

My issue is stepping back, away from just watching out for the health bars and the poo on the floor, and seeing the raid as a whole AND still healing efficiently.

I think I can do it. In fact I know I can. But it’s going to take a little bit of practice. And I’m worried that I’ll piss people off while I’m doing this by not being as efficient as I have been, when totally focussed on nothing but healing. That’s where my wanting to learn to run before I walk comes in – and not, as I oh, so classically misstyped it, “wanting to learn to run before I wank…” It’s not MY fault, I blame it on the fact we have a character who’s shortened to Vank, and someone with a German accent in vent….

I know it’s only a matter of time. With whatever one does, be it playing a piano, or dancing, you need to put in the practice. You need to create that “muscle memory”. I need to create a space where I can do that. Right now, I’m being lazy, going into raids and healing and nothing else is what I’ve done for so long, it’s about time I change that. It’s about time I raise my own personal level of challenge, and learn to master this beast.


One Response to When you need to learn to walk before you run…

  1. Scraddog says:

    a good source of information for raid leaders are the weekly marmot vids on tankspot.

    give you all sorts of handy hints them do 🙂

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