Well, bugger me sideways!

It’s been that kind of night.

First thing that happened was we ran a hasty random heroic. Oh great, we think,  the Orifice as we have so fondly renamed it.  Meh, bah, let’s get this over and done with and get the cache and go home…and WHAT THE FUCK?!

Sat in the middle of my cache were the Reins. Yes. Those Reins. Sure, I’ve seen them drop before. Once. I think I forgot to breathe for a moment.

There will be pictures soon. But I’ve yet to think of a name for him. And I think Wotsit might be jealous. Maybe Einstein or….Freud….He deserves a thinker’s name, he’s not got that slack jawed Jamie expression. Suggestions on a postcard please….

And then….

With the server closing down at midnight, we were heart set on putting all our effort into Putricide tonight. We were finishing the raid an hour early, so people could run heroics afterwards, and as the time was getting closer  – we’d had a seriously tantalising down to 2% health moment earlier in the evening –  we went for the one more attempt….

…..and got the bugger!

Look out Arthas, your time will come sooner than you think.


4 Responses to Well, bugger me sideways!

  1. Sherise says:

    It was a good day to be a tree! *nod* Very,very congrats with the kill. I am so proud!

  2. […] phase transitions, the Prof dosed with Imodium and the “poo hoover” on maximum suction – but he went down with all ten of us on our feet, baying in Vent like savages. My first experience of really working […]

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