Til Death Do Us Party….

I think it’s contageous. Maybe something in the water, or the air, or it’s the season for it, but I’m not the only one to have been having some fun with my DK recently. I’ve been trying to work up the courage to have a tanking specced character sometime and while the DK perhaps hasn’t been the most optimal choice, it’s one that can be levelled pretty speedily to usefulness. And I never thought I’d say this, but it’s quite pleasant having a melee killing machine….

Now, I’ve always considered myself as a non-melee player. But there is a desperate piece of me wanting to prove to myself that I can tank. Partly it’s to break away from that whole “girls only play healers and ranged dps” concept. I KNOW this is not true, I only need to look at the blogosphere to see all the bullshit conceptions about “girls playing this or that” being broken so thoroughly. But there’s a tiny part of me which demands that I am able to prove that I am also capable of doing so, and not being a girly girl who needs a man to change her lightbulb or despider the bath. (And in my house, we have Tegenaria duellica* that have been known to unnerve even the cats. I demand Julian Sands out here, investigating them, right now!)

So yes. This is my way of proving to myself that I’m capable of doing this. And I’m finding it fun. I’ve flung some new addons about, played with my UI a bit, and am looking forward to tanking in heroics at some point in the distant future. Right now, I’m not sure I’ve the potential. But I’m learning.

I can also understand why the DK is such a reviled class by some. It has such potential, cleverly played it’s superb. However, you have a swift run up, lots of spammy yoinky stuff and it’s far too easy to mishandle the class into something that makes people weep. It sort of reminds me of a small sporty car. When used well, it’s fantastic. When you put it in the hands of a young boy racer, however…it’s a different story, and there’s likely to be a lot of tragedy…..

* That’s giant house spiders to the non-biologists. And for the biologists, it was formerly T.gigantea. The name has apparently been changed, and I don’t think it’s to protect the innocent….


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