You know how seeing is believing?  Well…Rem casually informed me of something today, and I immediately demanded to see the link because I could hardly believe it. He delightedly and amusedly complied. No, it wasn’t Tam’s perfect reworking of a certain Charlene track, which has finally replaced the official Enthusiasm anthem earworm I’ve been suffering all day.

When I followed the link, it delighted me – and amused me too. You see, somehow, without trying, without caring, without giving a damn about ratings or rankings but concentrating on the fun, we’ve apparently managed to be, according to, the Number 1 ranking 10 Man Progression Guild (Strict) on Darkmoon Faire! We’re also the Number 1 Ranking 10 Man Achievements Guild (Strict). And more besides…if you look at the achievements, we are the ONLY strict 10 man guild who have downed Putricide and upped Valithria on Darkmoon Faire.

It amused me because we don’t

a) give a fig about the rankings, the fun and teamwork and the sheer joy of raiding with like minded folk is what floats our boats


b) we don’t class ourselves as strict 10 man raiding, it’s just what we’ve been doing this far and enjoying it. Hell, we don’t even KNOW what the restrictions are for Strict 10 mans! And we’re as likely to try 25s when we can one day, because they’re there.

I’m also guessing that as Darkmoon Faire is a fairly youngish server, there’s far less …I want to say competition, but competition is NOT the right word, it’s as far from why we do this as chocolate is from the slime that Putricide puts out regularly. But I figure you know what I mean. And perhaps all the energy goes into 25 mans, for Teh Lewt, who knows?

It’s odd to look at our name there, with such a rating. Part of me feels damned proud that we’ve reached that point since we first started dipping our toes into raiding at the end of February.  And I think there’s a great deal of room for pride in that. It shows that whatever we’re doing, we’re doing well, which is what we always wanted. Passion and enthusiasm. People CARING about what they were doing. And everyone enjoying the raids. I think that counts for a lot. It brings out in each of us the wanting to do our best. And THAT is something of which we can all be genuinely proud.

Another part of me wants to say yes, that’s nice dear, now, let’s get on and do what we do best. Which is….oh, having fun, enjoying the raids etc. Because we’re not and we never will be about the guild rankings and all that kerfuffle.

But for now, I’ll bathe in our glory for a few more moments (is that Charlene I can hear in the background again? And where’s the soft focus, dammit?!) just long enough to say a thank you to everyone in Team Enthusiasm who makes it what it really is, in the rankings that honestly matter to us.

And that’s Number One in Fun Ratings all the way.


3 Responses to Surprise!!

  1. theanorak says:

    #1 in the fun rating is the important one. And we’ll joke hard to keep it that way.

  2. […] not the raiding guild. Not the “top guild on the server” (hehe), of course not […]

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