Man has the right to play as he will.

Everyone who has not won at least 3 nationwide competitive-FPS-tournaments is not entitled to an opinion on the ICC buff or any other topic anyway! – Rem, somewhat ironically when discussing this topic with me.

I had a draft post nearly formed and ready to go earlier. On signing up for raids. But then something happened in the WoWcraft Blogosphere. A hot discussion about the ICC buff.

It’s a controversial beast. People argue for it, and against it. And it’s caused some seriously heated discussions. Tam argues for Blizzard to give us the choice. And I agree with Tam. Totally.

Why? Because we’re in the same position. We both want a challenge. A decent challenge. We want to feel we’ve worked at what we’ve done.  And we have both noticed the difference between the 5-10% and the whopping great 25-soon-to-be-30% buff. It’s the difference between being given a slice or half the fecking cake. A slice is nice, but eat the half, bet you’ll be sick. At least if it’s this one you will be…

No. It’s not that. It’s the comments that the post received that prompted this. The attitude that “If you haven’t cleared it and kicked the Lich King’s butt, you’ve got no right to complain about the buff or demand a choice”.

That actually makes my blood boil. We don’t have the right to say that? Because we’re not running our raiders ragged 6 nights a week to clear content? Because we’re not up there ranking number one on our server? Because we’ve not been playing WoW since it started and should have been there, raiding ICC on the day it came out? Because we’re “casual” and don’t want to penalise our guildmembers?

“If you haven’t cleared it, you don’t have the right” is an argument that doesn’t take into account the guilds who’ve recently formed. Or newish players. People who’ve only just reached that content. Or guilds like ours, who play “casually” but with passion and are equally serious about their raid time as “hardcore” players. Why should that decent family man who has to work shifts and gets a chance to play every 2 weeks NOT have a chance at experiencing a challenge in the raid content? Tell that to THEIR face. Because if you’re a hardcore 6-day-a-week raider, with a family who don’t play, I can assure you, I know where my respect’s going and it’s NOT your way.

“If you haven’t cleared it, you don’t have the right” is an argument that suddenly injects an elitist, holier-than-thou attitude. It forgets that the first and formost reason we play is that we want to enjoy what we do.

Like Tam, I enjoy a relaxed guild run, where we’ve had imperfect team composition, and a small buff. We’re in that bracket where we can run quite competently without when we don’t. I’d even say we’re competent enough to face the heroic versions of some of the encounters. We have used the buff to our advantage. But without choice it’s no longer such. It’s a ridiculous faceroll when it’s on, and when we’re screwed for replenishment etc, or we have lower geared folk, or we simply fancy a quick and dirty run up to Putri or Val, then it’s not so fun when it’s off.

Like everyone else I pay a subscription fee. For people to tell me that I have no right when I pay the same fee as they do is laughable. At the end of the day, I am a consumer too. I have JUST as much right as the next person to complain about things if they’re impeding my fun in a raid. And I WANT CHOICE. I WANT THE CAKESLICER DAMMIT!

“If you haven’t cleared it, you don’t have the right” It’s right up there with “I know what I’m saying, I’ve been playing this game for five years” as an argument.

Don’t get me wrong. I respect the work that people have put into getting where they are. But remember,  just because you may have put in that work, it still doesn’t mean you’re paying MY subscription, or playing MY game, or dictating MY fun. Or the fun of my guildies. Your situation is not the same as mine. And if you want to exercise your right in using “If you haven’t cleared it, you don’t have the right”, then I will exercise my own right in thinking exactly what I will of you.

And it probably won’t be ladylike.


2 Responses to Man has the right to play as he will.

  1. Ýour comment (or new post) is new and fresh, so you’ll have to suffer my own comment on a fresh slate.

    I personally am sort of with the people who say “incremental buff with no choice is good”.

    My opinion is formed from having only managed to kill the Lich King with +15% and not managing to get Sindragosa HC down with +20%. We’ll see about that this week. I can follow your “we arrived late on the scene” argument – we were in pretty much the same sitation in the Burning Crusade. We started late and didn’t get to see _anything_ before the nerd of content just before WotLK.

    In the current expansion the slowly building buff gives us the option to clear content slowly. I can see that my gaming skills are _far_ away from the people in Paragon. I didn’t even get to see the difference in skill that drastically last expansion. They just completed Sunwell before we set foot in. Big deal. They did raid more and all that.

    Now I can tell that they basically were roughly 25-35% better than us. In all aspects.

    I cannot see the Lich King heroic dying this buff-month. He’ll live till next on 10 (probably) and I have no idea if we’ll ever kill him on 25.

    So far I have not contradicted your statement, I think. However, the next expansion is inbound. I actually find it remarkably well done by Blizzard that the buff is slowly but steadily increasing.

    New team that form are not only usually slightly behind in gear – they are also not formed as a unit yet. Whenever a new raid group forms in my guild, we’ll be a few wipes before everyone is aware of the style other people will react in.

    This means that a continuous stacking buff will give newly formed guilds a chance to use “additional stats” to gloss over “mishandling” – and catch up to better people. Near the end of the expansion thus everyone has a fair chance to get the dragon/kill the king on heroic.

    Choice is not needed – the later encounters are _plenty_ hard enough to challenge newly formed groups with even a +40% buff (which I seem to remeber will be the last increment). If you can clear the whole ICC in one night with +25% and are complaining about it – please try it on heroic. There _is_ a challenge in there. On any level of competence.

    • nowiamtree says:

      I’ve been meaning to reply to this for ages, just been having too much fun in game for serious thinking! And I’m sorry, this is late night rambling waffle!

      I think one of the problems I had was coming from Lotro, where they had The Rift, one specifically great 12 man raid (and at the time, sadly only that one) which had a good number of bosses, culminating in the Balrog fight. It was hard work, a learning process, and was fantastic. And while it did get easier the more we worked at it, it was still hard work. You had to be on the ball to clear it. Which meant we knew we had to work hard at it throughout. There weren’t any buffs as such.

      It was always a challenge. We made it more of a challenge by eventually 6 manning the balrog encounter at the end. But we could not have done that unless we knew it all backwards. We were at the correct gear level for it at the time.

      I think that’s what makes me sad about the buff to be honest. I know these fights are hard. But they CAN be done. And I know that if we start sloppily, we continue sloppily, and it’s harder as we reach the tougher bosses because we’ve settled into that “yeah, it’s a faceroll, we’re good!” frame of mind.

      In the Rift we’d sometimes have our backsides handed to us on a plate from one of the lesser bosses – and that always served as a wake up call to us to pull our socks up and start REALLY playing!

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