PMSindragosa and how I learned to swear in Swedish.

Monday we cleared the Princes and the Queen. And just for fun we went back and re-visited Putricide, and got him again. Which left us clear for our virgin attempts at the Sindy doll last night.

Oh joy.

I remember our Huntardface casually giving us his epeenish running commentary in /gchat. We ALL remember him calling it a “simple tank and spank”. How I would love to tell him to his face what flำ“nsost* he is now and what runka he talks.

(Ahem, please excuse the insertion of Swedish swearwords. I have a very handy little book at the side of the pc, containing a delightful selection of cussing in a variety of different languages, left there after the long and drawn out LotRO zakkewasserย  incident. Apparently that’s Dutch for “testicle washer”.)

Anyway, we hit Sindragosa yesterday. And she hit us back repeatedly. And to my utmost shame and frustration, I spent probably most of the first five wipes eating dirt. I was that first person to go down each and every time.

Thank god I don’t always occupy that slot, because if I did, I’d be thinking long and hard about a new sort of career in WoW. Like flower picking or something. But last night was something else. I was doing all the prescribed stuff, but each time she dragged us all in I just could not get out of the way of the evil, evil cold.

And that’s where my frustrations arose.

You can feel free to call it too much information, but sometimes when I’m at a particular time of the month I get sooo frustrated and it all balls up in a little gloop of black tarry stuff inside. Or so it feels. It’s horrible. I even broke a plate earlier in the day because of it, luckily it’s not one of our Ikea 365 best ones….

Thankfully it doesn’t normally affect my raiding.

However, last night, when I kept dying to stupid, it raised its ugly head. Each time I readjusted, each time I died. And then, finally, when I though “This is it, if I die one more time, I’m offering up my spot to someone who can do this shit”,ย  something went wrong with stuff, I was running out, I was clear….

…and then fecking mouse/camera/mechanics/I don’t know what went haywire and DRAGGED ME BACK IN TO THE COLD TO DIE!!!

At that point, I left the room, raged, cried a little, hit a wall and almost gave up. I was so angry at myself for not being able to Get It Right. Angry because it was simple turn and run, not a Heigan dance. Angry because my mouse/pc had shat all over me at this time – and I wondered if it had done it before. In the cold light of day, now I’m certain it had – and probably the first time, which had thrown me completely, and made me overadjust and cock up the next few times.

But most of all I was angry because I felt like I was letting everyone down.

All magnified by the PMS/PMT fun that is something that generally as a woman you don’t discuss. I’ve often read about women suffering someone asking them if it’s “PMT” and how derogatory it feels when they’re asked that. And yes, I can understand that. If Zakkewasser had used that at me, I’d have ripped him a new one. Yet there’ve been times I’ve felt it affect my own performance. The frustration I had last night, for example. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who feels it so strongly at times. But the unspoken rule remains in place. Except here, now I’ve said what I’ve said.

Thankfully I somehow managed to get it right in the end. Not perfect every time, sadly, but I managed to get out of the cold after that. And we managed to get her down to about 23% on one of our final attempts. So it wasn’t all bad.

As for the Swedish swearing? Was surprising useful for atmosphere. We have a couple of Swedish folk in our guild, and it served to lighten things up a bit when I told Colt to sug min kuk…..


9 Responses to PMSindragosa and how I learned to swear in Swedish.

  1. Tam says:

    Actually, in sheer pragmatic terms it occurred to me while I was thinking about this (the raid in general) before going to bed that the perhaps the reason you were finding it so difficult to Get Out was because you were standing too far back. If you think about it, you want to stand reasonably close to the melee (but not up their bums) which gives you more time, as you reach the point where you’re running back SOONER than you would if she’d Pulled You In from a greater distance.

    • nowiamtree says:

      That’s not a bad point actually and one I will adopt the next time we face her.

      I’ve been wracking my brains as to what happened when I got pulled back into the cold, was talking to Rem and Colt about this – Colt mentioned something about spells sometimes doing it, but all I had on her was FF. Rem seems to think I got some sort of either mouse or game glitch. But it was really odd, it was like I was on a bungee rope, I got completely yoinked back.

    • Rem says:

      Tam, I was thinking that thought even further this morning. In fact, it was based off the conversation Alq and I had last night after the raid, where I said that it’s easier for me to run away because I don’t get pulled in to begin with. Which raises the question … why should not everyone (except possible hunters, of course) just stand with the melee-DPS? There is no range-enforcing mechanic otherwise, you skip the “pull in” part and just need to react to the cast alert, and, as an additional bonus, we get more unoccupied space in phase 3!

      Alq, regarding the orientation, sometimes when the client and server find themselves confused regarding your orientation, they’ll say “okay, reset, you’re facing north now”, because north is the zero-point … it’s just not a good direction to face into for Sindy. That can happen when running over moving parts or due to a lag spike, or a combination of both, or similar factors. Also, when you jerk around your mouse too fast and your its sensor isn’t built to deal with that (yes, freaks like me look at maximum acceleration values and play on gamer mousepads for ideal tracking), the mouse can also go “hang on, reset, reset”. Or, you know, it can be all together, the mouse skipping a bit, thus confusing a server a bit during a small lag spike … it actually happens. Computers are convoluted like that.

  2. Issy says:

    Yep, that’s right Tam.. we had a healer with the same issues, we put the run speed enchant on her shoes, got her to stand closer, turn to face the direction she wanted to run in as soon as the pulling in started, and hit the autorun key ๐Ÿ™‚
    It’s just practice
    I guess as a druid you could always shift to kitty and sprint too?

  3. A-ha! So that’s what it is!

    *cough* erm sorry. From the tanks perspective I always found people dying a bit strange. She casts “cold-stuff-what-kills”, I swing at her a last time, then turn around and sloooooowly trundle off (there is a reason for that, too – I think it’s called breath or freezing spittle or some such) and when her cast bar reaches the crossed swords I turn around and /charge back in. And that’s important, because if I mistime it she runs towards me and messes up positioning or I get hit by a wall of moderately-hurtful-cold (*cough* and when I did same on the mage, not on the tank, I got flashfrozen. Which is apparently good for vegetables and vitamins – not so much for mages).

    Now … when I did the same on 25-man it all went horribly wrong. Lag _does_ play a role, I suppose. However it might also be different for changing distances … makes a hell of a lot of sense. Sithspit :p

  4. Rem says:

    Sooo, according to the logs, over the course of our 11 attempts you took damage from exactly 2 casts of Blistering Cold (first mistyped as “Blistering Colt”), and resisted a third one. Now, while it was somewhat unfortunate that the two you took damage from both hit you for a crapton each and were probably topped up by environmental damage and/or Instability to kill you, and that it was maybe even more unfortunate that it happened on successive attempts, it’s worth remarking that over the course of those 11 attempts everyone in the raid caught at least 2-3 Colds in one way or other, and some caught even more (and I’m not talking about Vael who was amusing himself with his Anti-Magic Shell). So maybe there was no need to hurt your hand after all ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Sephrenia says:

    Are you a twin of me? I suffer from all of these things. My guildies are Swedish and I have google translate as a bookmark. I knew that one though ๐Ÿ™‚

    I can’t get out and run from Sindy. I either run through the other side, then turn and come back slower, or bubble, hot and POM myself and hope I live.

    We did try moving closer and I think it helped a bit, until I got too close to the tail :S

    And PMS. Oh yes. I get that, emo spout all over the guild forums and occasionally my blog and generally embarrass myself.

    • nowiamtree says:

      I think I could be – but the Duran Duran and black nail polish thing clinched it for me!

      It’s wonderfully refreshing to be able to let loose about the PMS – just read your latest blog entry and I was sat there nodding with a big grin on my face!

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