Compelled to link.

Yesterday I walked past a cashpoint where there was a woman dressed in a light and summery dress, and a bloke with a fantastically advanced beer belly stood behind her, wearing nothing but his sandals and shorts and slowly reddening flesh.  And, as I always do, I turned away because I, personally, found the sight unpleasant. I think I find it particularly unpleasant because I’m sure  that were I to decide to whip all my clothes off bar shorts and walk around in a similar state, I would be

a) told I’m a fat old cow who doesn’t conform to the present day standards of beauty or words to that effect, and to put my clothes back on before I make someone sick


b) be arrested for indecency. Even though I reckon I’d look a lot less indecent than Mr Beer Belly back there!

And probably in that order.

So, in the spirit of true summer madness I link  you to  Melmoth’s Summeraid post over at Killed In a Smiling Accident.


6 Responses to Compelled to link.

  1. Sherise says:

    I`m not sure if I was allowed to laugh or not at this post, but I did anyway. *chuckle* The guy you described sounded alarmingly familiar as how we norwegian tourists look when on vacation. Apparently all kinds of dress codes and decency is no more when you leave the Norwegian border! Im so proud of my blood line. *sniff*

    And even though I`m inclined to agree with your b) statement there, I must say that a) made me frown. I mean… I`ve heard your voice! You have the most delightful voice ever. Rawr. I bett you have pretty eyes too. If anyone were to call you an fat, old cow and tell you to put your clothes back on, just open your mouth and say something magical with that voice of yours. And everything is forgotten. *nodnod*

    Somehow Im craving chocolate right now…

  2. Sherise says:

    Ps: Yes,I totally used this as an option to tell how hawt I think you sound. Muahaha.

  3. nowiamtree says:

    Oh, I think it’s one that can be laughed at, and I’m glad you did! *hugs*
    And I must admit, I’m sometimes ashamed enough of being from the UK when abroad that I like to stress being Welsh. (Even though we’ve built up a hideous reputation recently, our capital is notorious for Saturday night shennanigans….!)

    Thank you for the comments about my voice though, that really did make me smile. Your advice is most definitely heeded! (And yes, I’ve once been called a “fattie” by someone in another MMO, who didn’t stay on my friends list for long after that!)

  4. harpysnest says:

    There really should be a law against people wearing only shorts in public places. I lived in Mexico for a while a few years ago and we took a trip to Cancun as a brief holiday. I have never seen so many lobster coloured semi naked people in one small space before and I have to hope I never do again. There is nothing worse than waiting at the bar and finding someone else’s sweat stains on your linen top.

    • nowiamtree says:

      Ewww. That last sentence made me cringe inwardly. I can mostly cope with sweat, there are times and places. But not strangers’ sweat on my top…..!

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