I’ve had enough!!!

It’s time.  Time for action. I can’t take it any more. I thought I could cope. But I can’t. Some relationships work. And some don’t.

The mouse HAS to go.

It was a birthday present. In April. I’ve been using it since, and it’s just not cutting it. Basically I should have realised this a while ago. I’ve been consistently bottom of the healz charts, despite not having too bad gear, being gemmed and enchanted pretty decently and making sure I had a pretty decent idea of How Things Work. I am not, when it boils down to it, an idiot who needs to L2P.

It’s a normal pc mouse. I got a fairly decent headset as well, so it was a plus to get a replacement for  the mouse that had died. And was a mouse that had side buttons, and 3 dpi settings.We thought it may do what I want. But no.

I’d LOVE a top range one. As I’d love a top range gaming keyboard. But unless I write that bestseller (and I don’t intend to sell my soul to sparkly twinkly vampires or magic schoolboys) I’m not going to be able to do that for a while.

I should have realised that this was a short term fling when one of the side buttons didn’t work properly.  But it’s only recently when I’ve been healing and my clicks haven’t been working properly that it gave me more of a clue. And now the mouse wheel Swiftmend bind is on and off.  And when I’ve been showing consistently low (I feel) healing figures in raids, it makes me frustrated.  So I’ve been looking into the issue.

(Which isn’t easy when you have cat arse on your hand weighing it down. Thank you, Mystic. She’s the reason the portal in the Orifice Oculus makes me think of cat butt)

So, after looking at things in depth, asking a few questions and getting a few pointers,  I realised that the problem is almost certainly the mouse. It’s made me miss a number of clicks, rapid rejuvs have become slo-mo ‘juvs, and it’s annoying the crap out of me.

What I need is a gaming mouse. Even an inexpensive one, but one that is specifically designed for gaming. I hammer the hell out of mine, I NEED that extra oomph.

So, today, I’m on the hunt for a new mouse. Preferably a Logitech MX518. But if not, we shall see what’s out there.

Because I’m damned if I’m putting up with this piece of shit for much longer.

Sorry mouse. You. Just.Do.Not.Cut.It. I know my grandmother used to say a bad workman blames his tools….but I also suspect a good one keeps them sharp and clean and in perfect working order.

Edit: It’s done, the crappy mouse is now gone. I’ve got the new one as above, and will no doubt report on it at a later point. Watch this space…..


One Response to I’ve had enough!!!

  1. Rem says:

    I’d highly, highly recommend going to a well-stocked multi media shop and touching the candidates with your own hand. The probably most important trait of a mouse is how it feels in your hand, and no review or advice can tell you that. So, go to a shop to check out, then buy on the internet because it’s cheaper 😀

    The MX518 is a solid choice, good feature set, lighter than most newer devices. However, the MX-shape is not for everyone as it’s not on the small side. Again, go touch first. And when you’re purchasing, make sure it’s the “refresh” version. They re-released it with updated technology when they realised that everyone still wants it – they were going for 3 times the original price on eBay. So, the “new” version you (possibly) want is the one with a max resolution of 1800dpi – the old version you (definitely) do not want has a max resolution of 1600dpi. That’s how you can tell them apart in online offers. The buttons and colouring also look slightly different.

    I’d say stick to Logitech or Razer. And yes, I’d say the MX518 offers by far the best price/performance ratio on the market at the moment.

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