Love is…. my MX518.

Yesterday, after some geekery at the shop, I got it home, ripped off the packaging, more eager than a teenager with raging hormones about to get it for the first time, and plugged the thing in.

Some tweaking with my mouse binds and I was ready to go. Having side buttons that actually work is heaven. I healed a few heroics and a couple of Ahune down and dirties, and rejigged my bindings to what felt most natural. None of my clicks missed. It already felt much better, and I can’t wait to see the difference things will make to my healing in the next raid. I suspect I know where every bit of my missing  healing’s gone….And with the appropriate mouse and rejigged vudho, I’m going to be laughing.

I know this because I noticed a big increase in my DK dps last night. I’ve not got all my keys bound yet,  as I’m feeling my way with her, so I’ve been relying a little on the mouse for certain moves. And it’s far more responsive, I love it!

So yeah, a bad workman might blame their tools, but a good workman uses the right tool for the right job. And finally I’ve got one.

Gonna see if I can be imba now!


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