Yes I have breasts, what about it?

Two nights ago, silly o’clock in the morning, my druid was approached by a human mage, who bowed at her. I bowed in return. He said “Hi beautiful”…..I stopped, thought and replied “Umm?”

Then he asked me if I was a woman. At this point the alarm bells started to ring.  I didn’t answer. He followed it up with a killer line.

“Your nickname sounds like it was thought up by a woman. A man wouldn’t come up with that sort of name.”


I didn’t like the way the suddenly non rp conversation was going, nor the fact that it was important to him, that he’d looked at my name and thought I might be a woman. So I did the cowardly thing, and asked Rem to come over and meet Alq in Dalaran. Somehow it made things feel better having a big burly male night elf with an obviously masculine sounding name standing next to me.

He got the message eventually, and I did think it odd – and a little bit scary,too –  that he’d not even considered thinking about where his unusual guild name came from but had put thought into if my name sounded like it had been thought up by a woman.

Anyway, that got me thinking yesterday, as I related the story to Colt on the way back from visiting some real life friends. And we thought about it, and indeed, yes, we were both inclined to agree that Alquiel does sound like a name played by a female. And then we thought about our other names. And yes, all mine do sound fairly feminine. And Colt’s names sound masculine. I mean, you can’t get more masculine sounding than Colt, can you?! And Rem too. Remaglar…That sounds all rawr and powerful.

So, yes, he might have had a point.

However, stopping and saying hello to someone because they have a feminine sounding name and you think they ARE female is not what I consider on. It smacks of someone trying to pick you up purely for some hawt cyber action.  And it makes me wary. I don’t often play male toons,  I don’t think I’ve got any male ones to be honest. (We don’t talk about Reddorick, he’s long gone.) But that’s my choice. I might one day. And if so I shall give him a masculine name. Damned right I will.

You see, for me, it doesn’t matter the gender behind the toon. A whole heap of us once spent about a year in LotRO convinced that one of our guildies was female. Turned out they weren’t. They’d not lied about it, they’d not done anything, we’d all simply assumed they were female for a number of reasons. And we were all wrong. Now, unless I had any ulterior motives, like I wanted to jump their bones, this proved no problem to me at all. Nor to anyone else I knew who knew them.

So to be asked outright if I’m female like that leads me to think one thing and one thing only. Ulterior motives. I may, of course, be wrong about this. They may be writing a dissertation on the gender of names in WoW for all I know, but I don’t think they’d start a conversation with “Hey beautiful” if they were…..

Colt, meanwhile, came up with the perfect shut them up answer should I be asked that question ever again in such circumstances.

“Nearly. The op’s two week’s tomorrow.”

Because I sure as hell think that if my gender matters THAT much to them, it’ll send them packing.


One Response to Yes I have breasts, what about it?

  1. Scraddog says:

    you do get some odd peoples playing this game, I know I am one of them 😛

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