What rhymes with “crit”?

So, the Tree has a dilemma…..

It goes something like this…..

I’ve got two T10 pieces. Nice. They up my Nourish. I like that.  So the T10 4 piece gives my Rejuv a 2% chance to jump target. Yep. I could go for that…

….if it didn’t mean my having to give up so much haste.

Currently my haste is over 800. It needs to be, we don’t always run with a fully optimised team. I’m limited to gear, I’ve got practically the best I can from 10 mans.

All the remaining set pieces have crit on them. I’ve enough frosties to buy the final 2 pieces I’d need, but I don’t want to buy them because I’d lose about 150 haste, and would have to regem for such. And it wouldn’t provide me with much of a benefit. From the maths I’ve seen, the T10 4 piece bonus is great for 25 mans, less so for 10s.

I’ve spent an hour or so juggling the figures on Rawr with Colt and neither of us can see any major improvements by my purchasing the last 2 pieces. And I’m totally frustrated now.

Anyone else out there with this sort of dilemma?


4 Responses to What rhymes with “crit”?

  1. zelmaru says:

    I have this EXACT problem. In fact, to keep my haste up, I’m using a few ilvl 245 pieces to stay around 860ish.

    The only way I can swing the t-10 4pc, that I have come up with, is that I need to have enough frosties to buy the last 2 pieces and THEN buy the frosty belt to compensate for the haste (and I may have to gem haste out the wazoo on the belt too). And I’d never be able to replace the lvl 245 haste pieces. Ever.

    I’m not convinced that the hopping-rejuv is the end-all-be-all, but I mostly run 10’s…

    You might want to hold off and see if you get some awesomesauce drop for a non-tier slot that has haste out the wazoo and puts you over the 1 sec gcd cap.

    • nowiamtree says:

      This is what I’m thinking…..I’m tempted to maybe sort out some pieces for my boom spec, but I think I’ll hang on for the time being and see what luck brings my way. It’s totally frustrating that there’s so much crit rather than haste on the pieces. Ah well…

  2. Joe says:

    Yes, having oogled at all the gear on tier 9-10 for the set bonus, having tried to grab gear from other places, focusing mainly on the stats from http://www.maxdps.com for my rogue in combat, it turns out that i’d be somewhat wasting my efforts getting anymore than two peices. I have a mish-mash of gear, tier 10, tier 9, sweet drops, and maybe 4th in slot for all other items limited within my range of 10man and HC’s. (except weapons).

    Checking it out further, 10mans netting me a lot better gear, in the mean time, my random composition can only be improved by other random pieces, all of which are not the tier10 gear, which would have made more sense.

    Having actually looked at my bonuses for set gear, rogues get a terrible deal.

    It’s like buying something at the shop only to realise having left, that the chucked in a load of holey socks to pack the bag.

    • nowiamtree says:

      I hear you all too well. I’m so frustrated sat on a pile of frosties which are pointless for my healz spec, and I’m now thinking of throwing them at Boom kit.

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