And would you like your feet rubbed too, m’Lady?

That’s Lady RNG, by the way. She’s being good to me. Very good in fact, when it comes to the little things.

Take for example the good old Higher Learning achievement. I started looking at it seriously last week. Tonight? What happens?


Size isn't everything....

It pays to have a regular supply of pallies and gnomes to sacrifice to Lady RNG.

Yep. That’s right. The last book is there at my feet, waiting for me, and I get it. Much to my utter shock. I’ve heard of people struggling forever to get this bugger. In fact I was talking about it with Joe on vent, and we were discussing it, and how irksome it can be only a few days ago.

I do actually owe some of the good karma I’ve had during this achievement to Joe, as it was he who told me about broadcasting the book spawn on general chat. Each time I found a real book, rather than a fake, I did so. And my first broadcast was rewarded with seeing someone get the achievement. Someone else was absolutely delighted that I’d let people know, and I ended up taking them to the shoeshine boy, as my boots were sparkling and they’d not known about it. And it encourages people to be more open about it.

And last night, I got some karmic payback. I’d been chatting to someone who was waiting for a book spawn, and we parted ways when I went off into BRDs for a couple of pet quests (72 off my fawn) with Colt. It was a pleasant dungeon run, just the two of us, although he did end up Killing The Puppies…..(Which meant me mercilessly teasing him about it and us finishing the quest by rerunning it today) But right at the end I had a whisper from the same person to let me know the book had spawned. Both Colt and I thought for but a moment, before zapping back to Dalaran and picking it up.

Thank you Chameleon! It was a wonderful thing to do, and I’ll let you know if I see your last one, you’re on my friends’ list!

But it got me wondering at quite how much Lady RNG likes me. I acquired the Polar Bear Mount, in passing, wasn’t going to do the quest, and certainly wasn’t grinding for it. I had a Blue Drake drop in the Orifice, and heck, I even won a Battered Hilt…..I’m not going to say I’m the luckiest player ever, but I do seem to have a fair bit of luck, and I’m very grateful for that!

But now I’ve said that out loud, I’m scared.  I think I may need to replenish my stocks of sacrificial paladins and gnomes…..

Any volunteers?!


2 Responses to And would you like your feet rubbed too, m’Lady?

  1. Joe says:

    I’m sure there is still a fairly large supply of sacrifices she will except!

    I’m almost bitter at how quickly you got the cute little void! I’ve been at it for ages!

    Super happy for you though! We all need more secrets to sway that giver/taker of things.. Lady RNG.

    (rolls a couple of gnomes for good measure)

  2. tapelia says:

    I am jealousy incarnate. Just so you know.

    Squee! The little familiar is soooo lovely.

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