Things that make you go “GRNARGHH!”

People may remember the wonderful tale of Huntardface a while back….

Five minutes before our scheduled ICC guild raid is due, I get a whisper. From said dude. Looking for a healer and a tank for an Ulduar run. To down Algalon. To get the Starcaller title for a bunch of people. I figured he thought he was doing me a favour….

I said no. Aside from the fact I was just about to enter the raid, I want to get that bugger down with my guild. I want to be a part of that guild first.

I thought nothing about it.

Much later I had a whisper.  From same guy. Letting me know they’d got Algalon down.

Words cannot express what I feel…..

But a picture can….


3 Responses to Things that make you go “GRNARGHH!”

  1. Joe says:

    Ah sooo thats what it looks like :p

    hehehehe 😉

    • nowiamtree says:

      Oddly, the image shouldn’t be so long. But I guess it seemed to want to exaggerate itself for the case in question….

      The vase itself is in a Berlin museum filled with Greek and Egyptian antiquities. For the record, I can report that myself, Colt and Rem were all highly amused by this one. Little did we know then that it would figure again in this blog….

  2. Rem says:

    Looks like it’s about to come thick and fast any moment!
    Like the debuffs on Sindragosa *nods and looks innocent*

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