Absence makes the heart grow fonder

I’ve not really had a chance to play much this week.  Which has, in hindsight, been a good thing. I’d begun to refer to my characters as “toons” and that simply doesn’t sit right with me. I’d signed up for two raids – Monday’s was awesome, we finally got to say hello to Mr LK briefly, before he well and truly handed us our arses on paper plates, to match our armour – but ended up pulling out of Tuesday’s, and Thursday’s was a no go.

I’d offered a place to stay to some folk who I didn’t know from more than their livejournal personas. They were stuck waiting on standby flights, and their plans had fallen through, leaving them in the UK.  I wasn’t sure if they’d say yes, but I offered and surprisingly they took me up on it. I say surprisingly because I was half expecting they wouldn’t, as neither parties knew each other THAT well, although I’ve always loved the wife’s artwork since I saw it – I have a piece of her swan artwork  hanging over our fireplace.

So this week’s mostly been spent on being hospitable, and doing Stuff. Mostly playing Munchkin in the evenings, although we did have a brief dalliance with Ave Caesar (I like this page, it describes it well). Evil game, truly evil…

And giving me a break from WoW. Okay, I logged in to get a quick heroic now and again, but mostly…mostly…..

Turned out to be a good thing. I realised how much I was missing raiding, and generally playing. I’m also eager to get started on Mr Lichypants again, as that is promising to be a stonkingly good fight…

So yes. I can safely say that absence truly does make the heart grow fonder.


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