A little bit of advice….

As a GM, I take a particular interest in reading  “Looking for guild” and their responses. (We’re not actively recruiting, but I always watch them, because I’m curious about the responses they receive.) And I’ve noticed something that’s actually bloody obvious when you think about it.

“I want, I wish, they have to be this, that and the other…..”  receive far fewer responses than “I’d like to be part of….am looking for a home…….want to be part of a team…..”

For my part I’m always very leery of those who present a list of demands as long as your arm, especially with added “oh, and they have to be very sympathetic towards me because of this, that and the other situation….”. Don’t get me wrong. We are a very sympathetic guild. Parents know that children come before raiding, that we’re understanding about real life issues. But the wording about these things makes a big difference. It’s the difference between “hoping to find an understanding guild” rather than “they have to be aware of, they must be understanding”.  Subtleties in the phrasing shows a difference between those who expect things handed to them on a plate, and those who actually understand that a relationship between a guild and their members is a two way thing. There has to be a “This is what I can bring” element too.

Personally I would never want to recruit someone who makes a big long list of demands about what they expect from a guild. I don’t think any of my officers would either. I have a sneaking suspicion, looking at responses (or lack of) to the really demanding types, that other GMs are less inclined to do so too.

Because just as it’s about people finding the guild they’re looking for, it’s also about the guild finding the people they’re looking for too.


One Response to A little bit of advice….

  1. Joe says:

    guild needs:

    – rogues that dont stand in goo/fire/bat wee

    damnit! I NEED some flexibilty :p


    /sarcasm off

    sometimes i think applications are quite a good way to judge the person on whether they fall into one or the other category of “fits in” and “doesnt fit in”.

    The only down side is the GM’s have to make the harder call when they “don’t fit in but have so much to offer”. When this happens risks can be taken :p

    Glad i don’t hold so much responsability, i’m likely to break something. :p

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