Good times, bad times….

We hit Arthas tonight, for the first full evening of wiping on him. We’d had a good few attempts on him the night before, but we’d cleared Valithria and Sindy prior to that. So yes. Tonight we spent cheerfully wiping on him…

….regularly getting into the last stages….

….and getting him down to 22% on our last attempt of the evening. Lichy Pants should be scared.

And then, while we were reeling on a high from such successful raiding, one of our guildies (who had been with us on the run) announced that they were leaving, and took all their characters out from a guild. Were we expecting it? No.

Took a hell of a tumble back to reality.

Sometimes being GM sucks monkey butt.

Edit: I wish that had been it….


One Response to Good times, bad times….

  1. Asayanka says:

    moar hugs to you. and smiles.

    and: TCHAKA! We’ll get through the bad times!

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