Cntl, Alt…..but not delete!

Following the Guild Drama of the last couple of days, we surveyed the wreckage, gauged that it was IX on the Mercalli intensity scale (I’ve decided that as well as earthquakes, it’s well suited for guild drama too), having lost 5 key members and pretty likely our 2 lovely new recruits as well who sadly got caught up in the backlash, saw who was about and Did Stuff.

No, I don’t see us getting the Lich King in the next fortnight. Unless some miracle happens. But I did see 8 of us going into Naxx for the weekly, taking one of our members who’d never been raiding before with us, catching another member and his having some well deserved fun and relaxation for an evening – he’s got a LOT on in real life, which puts guild drama to shame, and he deals with it beautifully, bless him – and us realising once more what it was all about for us.

It’s about the people. It’s about getting together and our doing stuff as a group. Seeing people who’ve not seen a place before go through it. All good.

So yes, we’ve lost a number of people, but our foundations, the ideals on which we built Enthusiasm are still there. We can rebuild it. And we can rebuild it stronger, aware of previous faults. We’ll be recruiting in our careful, possibly even more careful way, we’ve got some ideas floating about already for how we should do things.  Those who remain are determined to make this work, and I’m hopeful that it will.

Those who have gone, if you’re reading this, good luck out there wherever you may be.

Those who remain, and are reading this, here’s to better times ahead.


3 Responses to Cntl, Alt…..but not delete!

  1. Issy says:

    Sorry there have been dramaz.
    It’s good to see you have come out of them on a positive note though.

  2. Joe says:

    clearly you can’t operate without me, i’ll keep my holidays shorter from now on :p

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