A quick question…

An admittedly highly overgeared healer and tank do over 50% of total damage during the heroic version of Utgard Keep. The healer actually does more than one of the dpsers.

Is there something wrong with the picture here? Or were we just really unlucky?


6 Responses to A quick question…

  1. Jason says:

    Yes, you were really unlucky. Yes, there is something wrong with that picture.

  2. tapelia says:

    Wait.. the healer did more than one of the dpsers? Wow.


  3. Jasyla says:

    I’ve done more damage than the dps as a completely NOT overgeared prot warrior. There are a lot of bad dps out there.

  4. Scraddog says:

    I must admit to being lazy with my dps, not sticking to my rotation not using cooldowns and generally not playing as well as I can in heroics but hey thats me and I admit it.

    Most of my reasons for this is because i’m bored with heroics and outgear them so much they are laughable, heck we didn’t even take a tannk to one the other week and just nuked the place real fast, admittedly I was second to last on the damage chart with 6k dps it was that sort of group.

    But yes dps have become bad/lazy whatever as all the good players have no real need for heroics any more as there are faster ways to get gold to fund the raiding habbits and they have full sets of tier armour.

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