Guild Wars

Last night I was lying in bed, unable to sleep, when I started to think about Guild Wars. Why? Well, I used to play it a little. I knew people online, real life friends, it was free once you’d bought the game, and there were elements of it that I appreciated. Like being able to customise your skill sets to suit your team.

Out of curiosity, I had a look at the Guild Wars 2 trailer. Some very nice ideas there, I wonder if it’s not just marketing hype, if they can really deliver this. If they can, it’ll be tempting! The idea of “kill 10 orcs” then “kill 10 more orcs” then “kill the big bad orc boss you’ve probably already killed twice” not being utilised? Holy grail stuff! “We want to take away the grind” Please…..PLEASE!!!

It sounds like they’ve discovered phasing too. Only on a grand scale. Which is fantastic – but, I wonder, how is it going to impact on players wanting to work together? I suspect that may be a bit problematic.

But….and this is a big but, not to be confused with a big butt……my real bugbear with the original Guild Wars was that you couldn’t fling yourself off a cliff and plunge to your doom. Actually, you couldn’t fling yourself off anything, as ‘elf and safety managed to put up invisible barriers around practically anything that was more than a foot off the ground. I found that disconcertingly frustrating.

So while I may snoop at it someday, because it does look intriguing, and I do have some fond memories of it, if they’ve kept the toddler reins on regarding heights, I don’t think I’ll be biting!


4 Responses to Guild Wars

  1. Joe says:

    Im a huge GW’s junkie.

    I loved that game, and have i think completed everything.

    Been looking forward to GW2 for the last year or so already :p

    fancy a game?

  2. Sherise says:

    How can you complete everything? It is so biiiiig! 😀 I have just started playing the Nightfall expansion, and I can barely find my way around. *laugh* Awesome though, I wish they could steal some of the ideas from GW and put them in WoW.

    And yes…I will probably get GW 2 when it comes. Just because I have to.

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