“I didn’t ask for this dungeon…”

We’ve seen some idiots of late in pugs. A couple of days we kicked someone for insisting they wanted a speed run. The first thing they said was “make it fast”, closely followed by a “go faster” and a “gogogo”. Nice. We kicked them because they’d made this perfectly clear for the third time just after we’d cleared the first boss. We’d have been kinder, but they were right at the bottom of the dps list on Recount and were being far too demanding. And while I know the tank’s pretty exceptional at doing dps, they were considerably below him.  And no, before you ask, they weren’t undergeared.

We didn’t kick the boomkin in Tier 10 gear in another pug who couldn’t manage more than 1.3k, although there were some “wake up, you at the back” comments. But then they’d not made any gogogo noises.

Last night took the biscuit.  We got Violet Hold as the random, not the best, not the worst. First thing we hear in party chat is one of the members complaining about they don’t want this, it’s boring, this is going to be 30 minutes wasted etc. I’m not one to be rude in party chat, but even I got pissed off with their moaning – and, this is the important bit, not bothering at all to even dps. They clocked up a grand total 300dps at the second wave, while still moaning about how long it was going to take. At this point I found myself telling them to shut up and help and it would go quicker or they’d be kicked. But rather than do the sensible thing they responded with “I didn’t ask for this dungeon”.

Uh…what?! You didn’t put yourself in a random dungeon finder?! Well, I’m sorry, but I’ve got some news for you. I don’t particularly like Utgarde Pinacle or Utgarde Keep, but hey…..I button up, work, and get it done quickly. Takes very little time, takes not too much effort, but if we all work at it, then it gets done. When someone’s not pulling their weight, when they’re spending more time whining about how they hate it and how long it’s going to take, that’s when it takes too long.

Especially if you get vote kicked.

Which they did. It was a totally satisfying moment. And not just for us, one of the other non guild party members was obviously as glad to see the back of the idiot.

In other news, my little shadow priest hit 40th the other evening. Which means shadowform, yay! Which also means that whatever she mounts also takes shadowform (wayhey!). Which also means that her elekk now looks like it’s constantly farting clouds of purple green gas……..


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