I like what I like.

Regarding the ongoing debates and what feels like “warring” factions within the blogosphere, and who’s on whose blogrolls and why,  it reminded me of when I unfriended someone on Facebook a few months ago.

I have a number of friends on FB who aren’t real life friends or online friends. They’re people I’m likely to come in contact with at times, and it’s part of my outside WoW life networking. Mostly I find them pleasant, intriguing and they’ve widened my knowledge courtesy of links, quotes etc. I hope I do the same for them.

However one person managed to offend my thought processes to the extent that I Did Not Want To Read Another Of Their Posts Ever Again. Now, those who know me should know that I often give people too much benefit of doubt. Because sometimes, quite simply, badly phrased things may simply be that, badly phrased. Not everyone has the capability with words as another. But I seriously try very hard to be fair when I can. Sometimes this has rebounded and bitten me in the arse, but hey, that’s life. And when I do fuck up, I try to apologise sincerely, learn from my mistakes and move forward.

So for me to want to wipe out someone from my FB list of friends simply for saying something, they must have said something pretty dramatic. They did. What they said I found bigotted to the extreme and also highly offensive.  There was nothing to be learned from it, no potential for arguments.  I didn’t know them personally, I didn’t feel like I wanted to waste my time with an intellectual debate, it wouldn’t have changed anything. And I wasn’t the only laid back person to strike them off my list.

In examining my motives for doing so, I ended up deciding that I didn’t want to be subject to that level of what I saw as bullshit again. I simply didn’t want to waste my time with it. In much the same way I don’t want to waste my time reading Dan Brown books. They’re not my thing.

I feel the same way with blogs. I don’t tend to avidly follow high intensity blog debates/wars because at the end of the day chances are each side is still going to feel they’re the ones who are right, and the others are the ones in the wrong. There used to be a saying that people don’t talk about in politics or religion in polite company. I think that still stands. I talk about politics and religion with my friends, when they can hear my voice, and see my face. But internet?! Heck no. Far too much room for misinterpretation…..

….especially, for those of you who believe in it,  as Mercury is in retrograde! (Which, of course is a load of baloney, even though over the last couple of weeks I’ve seen major guild drama, personal arguments and problems, couples almost splitting up, my pc crashing just as we were about to get Festergut down – Festergut minus one healer, not good –  and I damned near killed us from smoke inhalation and nearly burned the house down last night. Baloney or no, roll on September 12th when the bloody planet starts going normalways again…)

So when people write things that REALLY offend me, they’re gone. Simple as that. I need to save my energy to stop myself burning down the  house……

On a completely different subject, I’ve been doing the Netherwing rep grind recently. I was rather taken by the variety of the quests, and the couple of times I had a huge lump in my throat from reactions of a couple of NPCs. I do think that it makes a huge difference to rep grind, when you unlock more and more quests, this series is beautifully designed, and once I’ve finished it, I’ll be proud to ride my Netherwing.


3 Responses to I like what I like.

  1. Asayanka says:

    You will absolutely LOVE the wrapping up of the Netherwing grind. When you get exalted, and the story continues and…. *holding myself back to not spoil* 🙂 But do let me know how you liked it!

  2. Tapelia says:

    Smoke inhalation and flames? Eeek! Are you both ok?

    • nowiamtree says:

      Yes, thanks, but it shook us up! I had the most stupid accident in the kitchen, knocked one of the cooker switches on slightly, didn’t notice and a ring turned on high, burning stuff nearby, and as it was plastic, it wasn’t very pleasant. It took out my favourite kitchen appliance too, my 10 year old hand blender, which has seen many cake making sessions.

      We’re getting new batteries for our smoke detectors now!

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