There’s a hole in WoW and it’s the Trade Chat Pit…

And the vermin of the server inhabit it….

I normally have Trade Chat filtered out. But tonight, oh, tonight was special. I’d flickered into it briefly, and was caught up following what I can only describe as one big ugly trainwreck of raw sewerage. One of our guildies commented about something, and I could only assume that it was what was currently going down.

It started off, from what I gathered reading through the shitstorm that was going down, by someone stupidly asking someone else to hold onto their guild mastership, while they logged onto an alt so they could transfer it.  Now, I’m sorry but unless that’s someone you truly trust, then you’re already asking for trouble. And does it really matter the name of the GL?

Can you see where this is going yet?

Oh, believe me, it gets MUCH better than that.


The little bastard who it was handed over to promptly looted out the guild bank then disbanded it. (Out of curiosity, I checked the guild on the armoury, there were 3 pages of members.) Classy move, huh?

And THEN they proceeded to boast about it all over Dalaran trade chat. How they’d done it, how they’d bought a Gigantique Sack from the money, and how many members had lost their guild, how good it was that a noob guild had been disbanded, and they laughed as the ex-guild leader left the server.

And they were hailed as a hero by some equally nasty pieces of work.

I don’t normally name and shame, but considering the complete lack of remorse and shitty chat, including racist, sexist and other generally bigotted comments that they proceeded to spam in open channel, the upset they’d obviously caused at least one person, and the way they were carelessly joking about the chance of being banned for it (the ex-GL had reported it) although they were all “even though I’ve not broken any rules”, I’m tempted. Very tempted.

They at least deserve being made into a meat pie.


6 Responses to There’s a hole in WoW and it’s the Trade Chat Pit…

  1. Erinys says:

    I went to see Sweeney Todd a couple of months ago in the theatre and I’d just got the lyrics out of my head. Read the first line or two of this without really thinking where I’d heard similar before and then I realised what I was humming. Sweeney and his dark and hungry God are both back and stuck firmly in my head again.

    Personally I think meat pies are too good for people like that. Being forced to eat Mrs Lovett’s pies before she teams up with Sweeney perhaps would be a fitting punishment.

    • nowiamtree says:

      I really do need to see that again, I’ve only seen the Depp version, and I was smitten by it – you’ve got me thinking now, about catching a live performance of it sometime. And my apologies for reinstating the earworm!

      Heh, I think I may agree with you on that. At least when their mouths are stuffed with the pies, they’d not be able to spout off their rubbish!

  2. Asayanka says:

    Woah. That is… beyond me. I have no words for that. Am not much for name-calling, either, but such asshattery asks for a posting at

  3. Moraith says:

    I have to say the Trade chat on DmF is the worst I have ever come across. The guy that did that deserves hitting in the face with a frying pan. Hard. Very, VERY hard. But what really gets me is the people supporting him.

    Then yesterday I saw in tade a low level player ask which was better, Goblin or Gnomish Engineering. the first reply was an 80 ‘lock telling him to STFU, stop being a noob and go read something about it. Very helpful.

    • nowiamtree says:

      Yeah, I’m still horrified by the level of stupid that night. There’s a few regulars, who really ought to know better or be permabanned for their behaviour there. And the odd thing is I’ve not got them on ignore, because I’d rather watch my back!

      I wish there was some sort of rule against being such a dick to others.

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