Sindy. Well and truly owned and tonight we put a little collar on her too.

Raiding’s been touch and go in the Forest, due to schedules and commitments, and well, people just not quite being able to all get together. It happens, and normally we’d not worry. It’s just that we’re all like Tantalus at the moment, with that elusive LK king  0nly just out of reach.

So we cut our losses last night, did another run of the first bosses, and very much fun it was too.

Tonight we had nine people available. (Nine FILTHY minded people, and tonight the raid really should have carried an M for Mature rating. We dealt with all sorts of things, including Spider Porn…no, it’s best not to ask.)

We thought about things, did a quick VoA run, and then headed onto ICC. We only really had the Blood Princes, Blood Queen and Sindy left. And we figured that we could do at least two out of those three. The first two were really straightforward, and done in no time.

So we decided we’d try Sindy with 9. It’s us. We like making our own hard modes. So we set about the task, knowing that we’d have some wipes, and that yeah, we may not make it…..We risked one tanking her – which meant Rem taking ridiculous numbers of debuffs, but it meant Dy could let loose with extra dps.

But we did it!


And it even left us time for a few attempts at the Lich King. Although….the last attempt of the night was a true classic explody moment. At the first transition phase, Colt, our resident mage and suicide Gnome, yelped “I’m silenced!” over vent. Yeah, yeah, we all thought, as he yelped it out again. And then it dawned on us in that Ohfuck Moment, that Nanosecond of Enlightenment, in which the penny drops and you facepalm. It’s a fraction of a second, yet a slowmotion moment too…..

Colt was fielding the Balls.

Colt being silenced meant Colt couldn’t field his Big Frosty Balls.

And then we all died in a big messy smush of Colt’s Big Frosty Balls exploding, and much laughter over vent. A great way to end a great night!


One Response to Sindy. Well and truly owned and tonight we put a little collar on her too.

  1. Rem says:

    *checks logs* 29 stacks. That’s how high I got .. at the point when I was lucky enough to manage to charge behind a frost tomb during a Blistering Cold cast! And then I got another 11 stacks by the time the fight ended. That was positively mental 🙂

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