A drunken logic?

Brewfest’s upon us again.

Last night I managed to pick up the quest that has you wearing beer goggles and shooting pink Elekks. Which I completed today. And went to hand in…

Except that it’s been removed, because of European restrictions. Fair enough, think I. But…..

We can still get the beer goggles, we are still encouraged to get completely smashed for several achieves….and worst of all, one of them involves getting completely bladdered and THROWING YOURSELF OFF A HIGH PLACE?!!

It seems to me that shooting Pink Elekks is the least harmful of the various tasks.

Although, considering all that I’ve seen on a Saturday night in town, maybe we should have achieves like “Find your knickers”, “An Appropriate Place to Pee”, “Mys’ Girlfriendz In ZZere….Lemme In….”, “Pavement Pizza” and the alltime classic “Gonna Get You, You Fecker….”


2 Responses to A drunken logic?

  1. Joe says:

    cant tell you how much this post made me giggle.

    scary how readily the brewfest is adopted without question though.

  2. Asayanka says:

    I loved the Pink Elekk quest and the Wolpertinger Quest and honestly do not understand why we in Europe don’t get it. It’s stupid, considering what else we have to do during the Brewfest. Ah well.

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