So…..this pug business….

There were 7 of  us a few nights ago. So we decided to take a deep breath and pull in three unknowns. We were careful of who we chose, and didn’t take people that immediately posted their GS/achievs. And we got three people pretty quickly – well, four if you count the one who disconnected and didn’t come back….

And off we merrily trundled to ICC.

Everyone was pleasant enough. Although I had one very odd moment when I recognised jokes that had been tailored from very obviously nasty sexist ones to classist ones – in this case, aimed at our mage, who was fine about it.  At the time,  I couldn’t technically justify why I felt so uncomfortable with this –  I had after all, felt less uncomfortable with a potential legend text from Cata, that caused a storm over in a community I regularly read and enjoy. Now I can. I would have asked that we boot the person immediately had they been the original non-tweaked version. And I also wondered if the other version would have come out, had I not been on voice chat.

Other than that, this person came across as a very easygoing, cool dude and was instantly accepted by a number of us in raid chat.

Except, that under another name, on the previous Saturday, he’d been in a pug run with one of our other guildies, one in which a pally decided to bubble and pull the whole Blood Quarter, for pure shitzngigglz. Said cool pug dude admitted to sitting in the same room as the pally, who happened to be their good friend, and found it funny.

Sorry, you can call us what you want to, but a few of us guildies don’t find that amusing.

We may not be hardcore, but we do believe in making what we can of the time we have, and doing the best. Okay, we have wipes that are amusing – take Colt’s amazing exploding balls when none of us realised that his “I’m silenced!” squeaks meant the big white LK orbs weren’t being sorted. We all laughed til we cried. There’s plenty of room in the game for those sort of moments, so to pull a stunt like deliberately wiping everyone, and causing general repair bills to be higher – and no guild repair backups – is out of order.

Oddly, the one I felt was the sweetest of the lot was having his sixteenth birthday the next day. I sent him a chocolate cake and birthday wishes  (sadly, I didn’t have the mats to make a big fireworky one) and he not only sent back a thank you, but whispered me to say thank you too. Very sweet and well mannered.

Overall, I found it an intriguing experience. And while I can appreciate that there’s safety in numbers, ie, any trouble, we’d have sorted it out swiftly, I’m still digesting how I felt about running with non-guild members – and that ability they can have to seemingly be likeable, when acting like a complete dickhead in a different group. But one thing is certain. My preference will always be for guild members, I know them. I love them, I trust them!


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