Lovin’ that drood thang!

We visited ICC for the first time since the patch last night.


I’d already played an evening full of heroics as healer, which I don’t find testing, so I was looking forward to stretching my healing in a good old raid environment.  And contrary to all those who aren’t finding the resto druid changes good, I’m really enjoying it.

First, some druid heresy….

I’m glad I no longer have to heal as a tree. Of course, this will probably mean that I now get the condom on my head, so people know where I am – a tree stuck out so clearly – but having now gotten used to not being in said form when healing, it feels good. I love that I can, if needed, throw a little extra damage out in heroics. In fact, for the first time since I can’t remember when, I feel like a true hybrid and I no longer feel guilty when “debarking” to throw a couple of dps spells about.

This does mean that I have to remember to change form for that extra kick – which I stupidly forgot to do when solo healing Vallithria last night. I so very nearly had her too…..

I’m also still getting used not to throwing Lifebloom on more than one target, but I was surprised how quickly I retrained myself. It meant I was on tank healing last night – tank healing! And it felt really good. The problem I was finding was that when you’re raid healing, or backup healing, it can sometimes be too easy to be overlooked as being part of the healing team – you sort of act as a “fill the healz gaps role”, a healer polyfilla, if you’d like. I watched the Priests and Pallies on the red carpet gallently healing those taking the big blows, wistfully yearning for my own little moment of glory.

(I must confess it probably felt like that for me because I’d “grown up” healing our main tank, before handing over that role to others.)

Suddenly I’m tank healing and using lifebloom, and swiftmend, and almost giggling in delight each time I see this cloud of swirly green with little floaty leaves envelope people and heal them. It was particularly good in the room just before Sindragosa’s pad, when we’d all grouped up together.

And as for replenishment…? Oh nom nom nom!

So yes. I’m not sure about other druids, but last  night felt good. I felt happy with the new tools that had been handed to me.

Just need to check my other spec sometime now!










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