Lolsorry?! LOLSORRY?! What’s that when it’s about, huh?

The Tree has been quiet recently. Not because she’s still trying to come to terms with the whole update, but because Real Life took over for a large period of time these last few weeks. Although wait a minute…..I was putting together costume, rehearsing and effectively pretending to be someone else for a bit on stage. I’m not so sure that can be described accurately as real life. But it involved evenings of getting together, rehearsing our little (3 minutes, go Tom Waits numbers) dance routine alongside a lot of alcohol and laughter to the point of tears.

So…yesterday, following all the fun and excitement of the actual performance weekend, I finally hopped back into game, picked up my DK and joined a queue to tank the last Headless Horseman run of the year. I’ve tanked it a few times and I’ve not had any problems before.

Yesterday, however, was different.

One of the party waded in there and hit like there was no tomorrow, I struggled desperately to get threat from them, but not a chance. They wiped the floor with my threat. One of the others threw a “Nice tanking there. Not” at me before sodding off. And the sod who’d been wiping the floor said to me in party chat “Lolsorry, got lots of crits”.

My hackles rose.

Lolsorry. Wtf is “lolsorry” when it’s at home? Either apologise or laugh, but don’t expect me to take you seriously if you come out with such an expression as lolsorry. It stinks. And it doesn’t stink of being an apology if you know what I mean….

I sat there, and fumed for a few moments. Then I smiled evilly to myself – it was Halloween, after all – and thought how much fun they’re going to have when Cata hits the fan and they’re going to uberzerg through it all. Not.

I thought of them in their first fights in Cata, and how they’d be laughed at for breaking CC.

I smiled.

In fact, I think I even lol-ed.

And there wasn’t a sorry in sight.














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