Take a moment out.

That’s all I ask.

Take a moment out, in game. Head somewhere that means something to you, think about all those you’ve met ingame, those who’ve meant something to you. Even if they’re those you’ve not seen for months.

And drink a toast to them. To the magic of this place which allows that connection with people from all over, from different backgrounds. Who shine in so many different ways.

Take a moment out. That’s all I ask.


2 Responses to Take a moment out.

  1. Pilfkin says:

    This is a beautiful post and that’s exactly what I was planning to do tonight. Except I was going to modify it slightly by re-visiting certain places. (However, having consumed a slight excess of bourbon last night I might drink a non-alcoholic toast tonight.)

    • nowiamtree says:

      Thank you. Rem and I did so last night, stood on the balcony at the Mages’ Tower in Dalaran – we knew him best as a mage – and drank a toast there, to friendship. And one of the stars shining in the Azeroth sky seemed to shine brighter than the others.


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