The dapper Mr Fineas G. Bankworthy….

Rem and I met up in Darnassus tonight, squeed at the option of flying down the tree to the village for the first time ever – it’s worth it, it gives you an incredible sense of perspective which we’d never had before – before examining the damage. We had a highly enjoyable evening, finishing up in Stormwind….when it happened…..

I set my sights on him. A stranger, an NPC, a banker, none the less. Stood in the Dwarvish bank, in a dapper outfit. My heart almost missed a beat. I swear I nearly swooned.

Name was Fineas G. Bankworthy……

And not a stitch out of place!

I couldn’t understand why I found this fellow so intriguing. He was no Mr Darcy. So what did it for me? Was it his dark, perfect style? Was it his stern look? His banker background. And then, as I started to write this post, it hit me like an Elekk dropping from the spires of that ghosttown, Dalaran.

Fineas reminded me of my husband!!!

That’s the man above, dressed in Victorian finery for a time travel themed banquet. Uncanny, eh?

So yes, in the whole of the excitement and shiny new discoveryness of the Shattering, the most startling thing for me is an NPC who reminds me of my husband. There’s really not much else I can add to that, I guess…?





6 Responses to The dapper Mr Fineas G. Bankworthy….

  1. Sherise says:

    Haha, I`m dying. 😀 That is just brilliant.

  2. tapelia says:

    Wow – the resemblance is uncanny! I hope Colt feels extremely flattered 😉

  3. Rem says:

    Awesome 😀
    Although .. the eyebrows are not quite there … Colt wins!

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