Uses for Typhoon #2738

So….I could talk in depth about the Shattering, and how class changes have affected me, or I could discuss the new and squeesome quests in the Blasted Lands…..Or I could talk about my 60th level Shadow Priest, or her first attempt at Holy Spec….

But no.

I wish to enlighten you about one of my favourite uses of Typhoon. Evil Cultist Penguin Slaying. Yes. You read that right. Evil Cultist Penguin Slaying.

Just around the corner from the Argent Tournament Grounds are Evil Cultists. On the cliffs just before you reach these Evil Cultists, there are a colony of penguins.

Exhibit A.


You might think they look cute now…..

Yeah. Those penguins. Well, I figure they’re Evil Cultist Penguins because they’ve lived around the Evil Cultists for so long. Either that or they’re the true masterminds behind the Evil Cultists. And what do we do with Evil Cultists?

Yep….I couldn’t let them live any longer.

But rather than just slay them in a flurry of falling stars, I thought it would be far more amusing if I blew them off the edge of the cliffs instead.

So much more satisfying…..In fact it was so satisfying that I couldn’t resist doing it again. And again. And again. You may choose to call me childish, but I derived a great deal of satisfaction from the process…..

And I saved the world from Evil Cultist Penguins in the process. Win all round.


2 Responses to Uses for Typhoon #2738

  1. theanorak says:

    Northrend is saved!

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