My first impressions of healing in Cata.

I’ve spent the last couple of evenings running as healer in dungeons with guildies. We’ve  not read the tactics beforehand and we’ve worked things out as we’ve gone along. After ICC and the heal-ho-hum healing of the daily heroics, and, to a certain extent, some of the raid bosses, I’ve found it a refreshing change, and can say, hand on heart, I enjoy healing again.

You see, I have to confess I felt in a bit of a rut. Healing was getting a bit boring. I ended up feeling like I was polyfilla-ing the bits that needed healing, I felt like it wasn’t a challenge at times. And it was depressing me somewhat.

Now I’ve got situations where I either don’t know what’s happening, or I’ve run through things once before and I know what to expect in the first four normal dungeons. And I love it. I’m getting the hang of using different spells, watching my mana bar, triage, and popping into tree form when I suspect it’s needed. And I’ve been feeling like there’ve been times when that boost to the healing has helped us get through some particularly unexpected moments and accidental pulls. I honestly adore the Tree of Life mechanic and its cooldown because of the extra dimension it gives the healing.

I also  love that we need to use crowd control – we usually have, so in that respect I’m lucky. I’ve not been on a zerg-it-all pug run yet, so I’ve had the pleasure of my tank stopping on the occasions when my mana’s low – thank you rolling LB for not letting it be in between every pull! But even there, I’m getting into the swing of being more careful with the mana. I’m learning. These dungeon runs have been awesome in helping me get the feel of what it’s like.

I know there’s been a lot of QQing about healing. And that the numbers of healers on runs have dropped because of various issues. You can’t just zerg through it all now with your healer never needing to stop for a mana break. This is what it needed.

I know I’ll eventually settle down with the healing, and find the comfort zone once more. But for now I’m revelling in being out of that comfort zone, and the unexpected challenges, mechanics of bosses, and delights of weighing up this item or that when gearing up!





One Response to My first impressions of healing in Cata.

  1. syl says:

    I couldn’t agree more =) I absolutely love the challenge at the moment and I know it’s only a thing of the moment – soon enough it will be easy enough once more. heroics should be hard and they’re still very doable with a reasonable and dedicated group. I’m having a great time re-learning and wiping too!

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