What is the sound of success?

Yesterday Colt saw someone in SW riding the Volcanic Stone Drake.  Very impressive.


….I felt sad for them. To gain the reins, the rider had obviously completed all of the dungeon and heroic dungeon achievements. Three weeks into the expansion.

Yesterday we completed our first heroic dungeon as a guild.  The first heroic dungeon I’d been in.  The Lost City. Myself, the tank and one of our dps had only just gotten enough ilevel gear to get into it.

I thought about it a good bit. Not just the heroic that we’d been into. And thank goodness it was a guild run – at this level of gear the healing challenges are immense. I had to pull out all the stops and then some, and was still unable to keep everyone upright all the time as we were learning our way through it. It’s going to be a while until I even consider pugging a heroic with the amount of co-ordination and teamwork that’s required. But it felt good. It felt good to fight with the healing side again. To adapt.

But it made me think again about the person with the Volcanic Stone Drake.

They’ve still got lots of content to work through, admittedly, but they’ll run out of new content, they’ll be bored while we’re still learning raids. They may well end up with server firsts but…the more I think about it, the more it saddens me. A server first. Great. But…you miss out on so much too.  You’ve seen it all, you’ve done it all before some of us are even warming up. I have the joy of things to come, the delight of looking forward to new heroic content, to the pleasure of taking our time and learning things for ourselves, and generally enjoying the game at a reasonable pace.

One of my presents this year was a copy of “I Shall Wear Midnight”. I’ve a soft spot for Sir P. And the Witches books in particular, and Tiffany Aching especially. I’ve been looking forward to reading “I Shall Wear Midnight”. And this Christmas I tore off the paper, and found it in my hands. Naturally I was delighted, and read through it in a matter of hours – I speed read, books really do not last long in my hands. Colt will undoubtedly read it sometime in the future, and probably take a couple of days.

But the thing is, I’ve read it. It’s put to one side now. I may revisit it, but not for a good while. And probably when I’m in the bath.

And that’s what I see here.

Don’t get me wrong. Different people play WoW for different things, and I can respect that. I was talking with Theanorak about recently, and we both agreed on this.  Different reasons. Some for the server firsts, some to be the best  – and I’m sure that both would argue that they’re the best! Although I might argue otherwise. Being first isn’t always about being the best, it’s about getting there first. Hmmm. Yes, you can tell I’ve been reading Pratchett, can’t you….

Others play for the RP, others play to raid. Some of us (although less of us would admit to being both an RPer and a raider, some things just aren’t accepted so easily…) enjoy a bit of both.

But for me one thing is clear. Not for me is the sound of the achievement pinging up on the screen saying “Server First” this or that. It’s definitely not QQing that there’s nothing left to do in the game. Oh no. For me, the sound of success is the sound of guildies laughing on Vent, cheering, people being happy and enjoying themselves.

You want to know what the sound of success is?

Listen to yourself  in game when you’re enjoying it.

It’s that.





3 Responses to What is the sound of success?

  1. Zinn says:

    I’m with you, I like to do things slowly. But a friend of mine got that drake too about a week ago and I think that while we’re out there enjoying to learn new content, he’s out there enjoying that he’s way ahead of us and has a really cool drake that none of us has. He won’t be bored by the content, because unlike us he doesn’t bore by repetition (at least my friend doesn’t). I’m already bored with the heroics and only do one per day, while he gladly does tons just for funs and rep. Although he’s already done them alot more than me. Suppose people are just different ^^

    • nowiamtree says:

      Yep – it was thinking about it that made me realise we’ve all got different ways of enjoying the game. I do it myself – the speed reading’s a classic example! But it’s lovely to hear that your friend is enjoying it and will for a good time to come, as that was my main concern for the speedy folk out there.

      Think my tree must be an Ent at heart!

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